Valhalla Games: Panzer Lehr Video Review!

Valhalla Games: Panzer Lehr Video Review!

Fresh from Down Under, the brothers at Valhalla Games have a very comprehensive review of our Panzer Lehr set! Check it out here: 


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Pierre - July 9, 2022

Good review. The sculpt, the heads and the movements of the characters are perfect.

The only problem with this kit is the lack of individual combat equipment (gas masks, canteens, rolled tents, shovels) an ammunition (Magazintaschen for the MP40, crates and strips). In modern warfare, guns without ammunition are useless.

Panzergrenadiere were no more than rapid and assault infantry : faced with a tank, a bazooka, an anti-tank gun or a fortified position, the men had to leave the vehicle, and possibly take refuge. One death was better than 10 at once and, in case of destruction of their vehicle (by air-attack…), they had to be autonomous.

A MG team was 3 men, with 1 MG, 1 or 2 Laufschützer (spare barrels), 1 Zubehörtasche (maintenance kit), and at least 1.000 shots (ie. 4 crates or 20 strips per team), by regulation. The NATO German MG3 or Austrian MG74 teams have the same basic equipment. War is war, technique is technique.

I would really appreciate an extension of equipment, usable for all future German combat units : KM naval infantry, WSS, Afrikakorps (2 water bottles), Mountain troops, LW field-division in Italy ?

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