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Vote for Our August Theme!

Vote for Our August Theme!

We've asked our Tribes members to throw out Theme ideas and they delivered a LOT of suggestions. We've picked our favorites (and ones we think will work for all 11 ranges) and added them below. Let us know which one you'd like! 

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Scott Beil - August 17, 2023

I would think the dead, dying and undead would be great not just for games and conventions but also basing and dioramas.

Adrian - July 26, 2023

Africa has so many possibilities
African styled gnolls for classic fantasy
Nubians for first empires
Axumites for decline and fall
It’d be amazing 🤩

Thomas - July 24, 2023

All of the options sound great, but the dregs sound the most appetizing.

patrick - July 23, 2023

generic african tribesmen or generic modern african rebels poorly equiped with civilian clothes AK and SKS rifles
best regards

de carolis Alessio - July 23, 2023

I just voted for heads (various kind & types, from Alternate Carbon-style helms to various kind of Imperial army’s ones, as seen on Andor and Solo), and for Heroes’ command, given that havind some commanders’ minis it’s always a good thing. I could say that an army of (not so) poorly equipped soldiers with helmets resembling Darth Vader could be useful for generic enemies’ red shirts.

abdelkarim - July 22, 2023

To the 1st poster, their helmets looked liked Dark Vader’s helmet!

Joshua D Burbridge - July 21, 2023

It would be interesting to see the Fedayeen Saddam. Their equipment was mostly AKs, RPGs, and Technicals so they would count as “ poorly equipped troops”. Plus their unique helmets.

Henry - July 21, 2023

I am so excited! I picked Poorly equipped troopers, and support troops. It would be so cool to see an Imperial Guardsman-like kit!

Dave - July 21, 2023

I picked “poorly equipped troops”.
I think figures like these could be great and versatile. I’d love to see modern takes on the concept, They could be used as resistance fighters or even near future to use with post apocalyptic skirmish games like "Zona Alfa " or “Stalker”.

Martin Cloutier - July 21, 2023

It was a hard choice to pick just one! I went with Support troops but, i could’ve picked any of the others!

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