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Vote for the July Theme!

Vote for the July Theme!

"Two roads diverged in a wood..." and no one understood the poem. But that's for another day...for today we have a POLL! 

Let's get picking on our July theme for Tribes! (have you met our Tribes?

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Chris R - June 19, 2023

An expansion for WW1 with various heads for the German troops with pickelhaube, steel helmet and cap (please with but also without beard) would be brilliant! :)

Keanu David - June 15, 2023

I’d love to see the ‘Classic Fantasy Cultists’ expanded to make them a scifi-cult-kit aswell.
So maybe some robed arms holding modern or scifi inspired weapons that can be used with the guards. Some pistols for the Assassins and some wild equipment that looks like the depictions of the crazy german scientists from Hellboy that try to use Tesla coils etc. to open up a portal. Maybe said portal aswell.

Justin Lloyd - June 15, 2023

Riders, across the range, would be great.

Justin - June 12, 2023

I’d rather see existing faction expansions than range expansions. Build taller for a while and flesh out factions, not wider with more lines that are only one box.

Michał Tyde - June 10, 2023

In next month(s) could you please release some artillery. Any era will do. I would love to see especially napoleonic/ACW era cannons. Thanks.

Stepheno Zollos - June 9, 2023

Oh man riders would be so awesome. Especially if torsos and legs were separate. For ancients a few of the Greek assets; the linothorax, some cuirasses, and then some of the Norman and late Roman torsos in chain mail. Maybe a few shirtless assets as well as some of the unarmored tunics… I could probably source arms from all the other sets and make everything from Scythian horse archers to heavy goth cavalry.

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