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Vote on Our March Theme!

Vote on Our March Theme!

Every month we're bringing at least 11 new products to our monthly Tribes members based on a monthly theme. Before our sculpting team can get to work we have to pick a theme, pick what we'll do for each of the 11 ranges for that theme, pull together sculpting briefs for them to work from, and then get started on the actual models.

We'd like our Tribes members to know further in advance what's coming up in the next month so to that end we're going to get a jump on the March theme! After voting pop on over and join the Tribe

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Jose - January 24, 2023

It would be great to have the Navy from the age of piracy. There are a lot of pirates, but not really enough of the other side of the conflict.

Henk Vervaeke - January 20, 2023

It could be interesting to stretch the skeletons use by making digital heads, weapons, shields, etc with other themes like Egyptian, Medieval, etc….

Baldie - January 20, 2023

Get cracking on with undead cavalry and undead elephants, all with Greek theme.
I use my beloved skellies for SAGA games and they are waiting for reinforcements.
The original box set is great for Hearthguard, Warriors and Psiloi.
Keep up the great work I love em.

Hussar Zwei - January 19, 2023

Cold War and/or modern Egyptian infantry would be interesting. WW2 Egyptians could also be used for the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.

Peter - January 18, 2023

Have not taken the plunge to resin printing yet but could be tempted by Egyptians if they did not have the oversized ugly hobbit feet the renders of the civilians have.

Mark Dewis - January 17, 2023

March 8 is International Women’s day. I think it’s time.

John - January 17, 2023

It’s time for the ladies to win it! It opens up so many options. You can kitbash any male from the year 1billion BC to 1billion years in the future but there is a serious dearth of women in every range and every time period.

Devin Pike - January 17, 2023

Forlorn hope would be awesome! German and French trench raiders for WW1!

Ben - January 17, 2023

Very good options, very hard to choose from, but went with what felt like best one for March. Hope the ones not chosen can be reused in April or May

Henrik - January 17, 2023

Multi pose modern civil operatives (secret agents, 00-kind) F & M
Multi pose frogmen F & M

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