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Vox Populi: Next Round!

Vox Populi: Next Round!

Now that the British Expeditionary Force (1939-40) has won our first round and moved into pre-production pre-order, it's time to replace it in the regular round of voting! 

There are 11 sets taking votes right now - see them here - we're going to do a poll to choose a 12th to add in. This is how that will work:

We have the following sets to choose from that are already in line for production:

Plastic Sets We're Planning...
Bulldogs Command and Heavy Support Napoleonic Camp Followers
Farm Animals Franco-Prussian War: Bavarians
French Hotchkiss Team German Maxim Team
Indian Mutiny British (1 + 2) SpaceNam Heavy Weapons
Great War Japanese Late Roman Army Builder
Late Roman Legionaries (2) Lorica Squamata Late Roman Legionaries (3) Unarmoured
Modern Insurgents Modern Operators
New Kingdom Egyptian archers New Kingdom Egyptian Spearmen
Napoleonic Old Guard Army Builder Partisans (2): French Women
Napoleonic Russian Army Builder BEF Support Weapons Teams
Thureophoroi Treemen
Iron-Core Valkir Trolls
Warring States Cavalry Warring States Infantry


But over the next few days we'll be considering additions to this list to add to the poll. Use #voxatlantic when you are suggesting new plastic sets and we'll pick and choose from those to add to these in the next poll. The winner of this BIG poll will then become the 12th Vox Populi entry open for voting.

As soon as the BEF hits it's pre-production pre-order goal we'll choose the entry with the most votes to replace it in pre-production! And then we'll start again! 

So get those #voxatlantic suggestions coming on social, our Forums, and wherever you think we'll see them! 



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Mark Dewis - October 10, 2023

This has annoyed me all year, but could we get clarification as to what Indian Mutiny British 1 and 2 actually are?
My vote goes for Great War Japanese, which could be designed to cover c.1880 through 1945, and definitely for c.1880-1918. There are only two service rifles (the Murata and the Arisaka), which overlap in WW1 anyway.

Adrian - October 9, 2023


Joshua D Burbridge - October 8, 2023

Modern Insurgents

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