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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the top of the page to choose your local currency.
FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Wargames Atlantic Goes Digital! Join Our Tribe!

Wargames Atlantic Goes Digital! Join Our Tribe!

We're excited to announce the launch of the first phase of a new endeavor for us: producing high detail miniatures in 3D files and prints! We have partnered with to offer 3D files for sale and also available through a monthly subscription service, what they call a Tribe

On MyMiniFactory you can now purchase 19 different sets that we've just launched. These sets cover all 11 of our ranges and feature characters, multi-part sets, full posed figure sets, accessories, conversion parts, extra heads, terrain, and even a tank! Fantasy and historical figures are offered both with and without puddle bases depending on your preference. 

As we mentioned, we've also launched a monthly subscription service - a Tribe. All 19 sets are in this month's release and you can get them for as little as $10 (buying them all separately would be over $160). The $10/month level is available for the first 500 subscribers and after that it will go to $12/month. We also have a $5 Buy us a Beer! level that will get you a multi-part figure each month (along with our thanks!) We welcome you to subscribe! 

This month we have the following sets available: 

Death Fields - Grognard Cavalry, The Damned, Grognard Sergeant, Alien Trees, Sci-fi Cargo, and Alien Heads!

Classic Fantasy - Halfling Hero, Necromancer, and Kobolds!

First Empires - Greek Hoplites

Decline and Fall - Roman Dux

Blood Oaths - Irish Chieftain

Renaissance - Aztec War Banners

Napoleon's Wars - Russians in Greatcoats

Imperial Conquests - Afghan Modern Conversion parts and Gurkhas (including VSF parts)

Great War - Ottoman Heads

World Ablaze - Italian Tankette

General Accoutrements - Farm Animals

As you can see a little something for everyone! 

We said above that this is just the first phase. Along with selling digital files, we will also be launching a service to let you buy the parts in physical format along with worldwide shipping. We're still working out the fine details on this and we will definitely let you know as soon as it's available! 

We're excited for the possibilities of digital manufacturing. Although nothing will replace hard plastic (and we have a LOT more of that on the way too!) this new format allows us to do a lot of interesting things: 

  • make smaller sets/characters that wouldn't be viable in hard plastic
  • create conversion parts for existing plastic sets
  • make a lot MORE great 28mm figures for you
  • make things much, much faster
  • have your participation in what gets made

Some things that appear within Atlantic Digital will also become plastic sets in the future - so have no fear if you see something you wanted in plastic showing up here. It lets us get it out to you faster and also lets us test the water on some things that we think could be great in hard plastic. 

We're very happy to have you with us on this journey into the future of miniature manufacturing! We are hard at work on our December release for Tribes - all future monthly releases will be built upon a theme that subscribers will help decide. Our polling resulted in the Civilians theme to be first up. We expect to launch a whole host of new sets next month around the 15th. We may have a couple surprise releases along the way too! 

You can check out the new digital products and subscribe here

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Bill - November 18, 2022

I signed up for the Tribes, but I don’t seem to have access to any of the files. How exactly do the files become available to Tribes members? Let me add that I can’t stand MyMiniFactory due to previous terrible experiences with their poorly designed and barely functional site, was reluctant to sign up for the subscription simply because of their involvement, and am already starting to regret it. Have you considered working with Patreon or pretty much any subscription service other than MMF? I will give this a day or two, but I am absolutely cancelling if the files don’t become available to my account by the end of the weekend. And I won’t come back. MMF has burned me too many times. Someone should launch a competing 3d file hosting service that actually works.

Mo - November 18, 2022

Such a great variety for this month, WA sets have always been my go-to for kitbashes and now printers have even more versatility with this Tribes sub. What a deal.

Indy - November 18, 2022

Currently there are only 8 of the 19 digital products on the MyMiniFactory page.
Are the others being added at a later date?

Axel - November 18, 2022

Tell me that we do get additional bodies, just to use up all the extra heads and arms that are already on the sprue.

More variation with just standing and walking bodies would be very welcome. As you can scale them these also would allow for larger/smaller characters. Go there, and I am in…

Red Bee - November 18, 2022

3D printers aren’t an option for me, but at $10 I had to jump on board just in case that changes some day. The Deathfields offerings this month are to much for me to not support it. I am very excited to see the Damned.

I hope if you figure out the physical there will be some way to give supporters a discount to.

Grant - November 18, 2022

Will you offer a service to print on demand?

Lidless Eye Hobbies - November 18, 2022

I signed up the Tribes, excited about this variety (I know later will be themed, but stuff like CIvilians with everything you make sounds like it will be a great mix!)

Rob - November 18, 2022

Something I would love, that STL sellers very rarely offer, is pictures of printed versions – it tells you much more about how things will actually turn out than a sometimes-idealised render.

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