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Wargames Atlantic Pricing Announcement 2022

Wargames Atlantic Pricing Announcement 2022

Hello Everyone,

My name is Karl Oliver-Kyriacou, and I am the Director of Sales at Wargames Atlantic.

As I’m sure everyone reading this is aware, the last 3 years have been particularly difficult for all markets and all companies.

With Covid 19 effecting every facet of life, to major trade relationships being amended overnight (Brexit), and a global cost of living crisis looming, precipitated largely by increased fuel costs globally.

It should come then as no surprise that almost every company in our little ecosystem has regrettably had a price increase in the last 12 months, and some have had to enact multiple.

Now if you keep up to date with us on our forum or social media, you will know we pride ourselves on our honesty, transparency and our commitment to you, our customers, who keep our plastic injection moulding machines working, and the lights on.

Wargames Atlantic is in a very fortunate position to not only own its own manufacturing process for our wonderfully detailed 28mm kits, but we also have a very RRP bust logistics hub which helps us service our customers wherever they are in the world.

Our warehouses in the UK, US and Australia allow us to move bulk product efficiently to a source market meaning that the cost of shipping product to you is as cheap and efficient as it can be.

Secondly, we are equally fortunate that we insisted on owning our plastic injection moulding process and machinery. This means that we do not have to negotiate with any middlemen, and ultimately we make the decisions on how much we should charge for our products or services.

Now, there is some unfortunate news that is regrettably out of our hands.

Globally the price of fuel has skyrocketed, which in this business means there has been an increase to the cost of raw materials (namely the plastic - which is up over 60% per pound!) Because of this, the production cost of a typical box has now increased by roughly $0.12.

After much consulting internally at Wargames Atlantic, we just didn’t feel right in passing this additional cost on to you, the valued consumer. So with that decision made, I am pleased to say that our ranges will remain the price you know and love for the foreseeable future.

Have a fantastic summer.

Kind regards

Karl Oliver-Kyriacou

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Thark Warrior - July 6, 2022

So the actual production cost of the box contents has gone from 20¢ to 32¢?

Lucian - July 5, 2022

Meanwhile jolly old James has hiked as per usual and then some. If it weren’t for ebay rescues I would have a case of the miserables.

Ronald Labor - July 5, 2022

Kudos to you – I will keep buying the Death Fields, Eisenkern, fantasy and other boxes you put out that I desperately want as a result (Michigan Toy Soldier gets these in and I drive on over as soon as I can to get mine ;-) .) Looking forward to the trolls and ogres…

Cris Shaffer - July 5, 2022

Love your miniatures and lines. If it meant helping keep your company going I wouldn’t mind a slight price increase. Keep up the exceptional work!

Paul Mitting - July 5, 2022

I think your company are a great example of how a good business listens to it’s customer base and reacts with common sense and a touch of humour! Your minis are absolutely brilliant and I love how you are filling in market niches no-one else can see. Keep up the good work!

Cole3050 - July 5, 2022

I think the other comments are missing the point.

The reason the cost increase is so small for WGA is due to them having there production in house and in the USA. Most others have them over in Asia and have to deal with third parties for production. So there’s more then just the fuel and transport costs which most companies didn’t seem prepared for.

Jimbo - July 5, 2022

Faludi: I think you’re missing the joke. There’s no increase at all. And I think Atlantic are calling out how ridiculous it is when other companies blame oil prices for plastic increases.

lord_blackfang - July 5, 2022

Congrats on catapulting yourself into solid first place in the field of business snark :D

Owen - July 5, 2022

In these times when so many companies are doing it tough and others are using the spirally costs as an excuse to increases prices even more to price gouge, yiur decision is a testament to commitment to the customer! I am sure you will eventually be forced to increase product prices but for now I think your customers will be very grateful.

Faludi Balázs - July 5, 2022

passing 12 cents cost raise/box means 0,34% price raise/box. transparency is a good thing, but either the wording of your announcement made me misinterpret the cost raise or you are really thinking that not passing a 0.34% raise on the consumers is a magical thing, a phenomenon unheard of before.

don’t get me wrong, WGA makes quality minis with a great price/value ratio, and the bulk purchase discount and the free shipping makes it even better. i just don’t get why 12 cents is so important.

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