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Weekly News Roundup and Release Status

Weekly News Roundup and Release Status

Sometimes we put a few things on Facebook that don't make it to this page: here are some of the latest. Also at the bottom you'll find a list of upcoming releases and expected ship dates. 

We started off by previewing the beginnings of the Peter Dennis artwork for our upcoming Conquistadores/16th Century Infantry set. We'll show more as he progresses with it: 

Next up, Matthew Leahy has been painting Boxers including one of the famous Tigermen: 


The Boxers are in tooling now and we hope to be showing off the plastic next month. Matthew is moving onto the Goblins and will do the Cannon Fodder next. All three of these sets will release together.

We've had a slew of new releases with the Grognard Command and Heavy Support and the Eisenkern Stormtroopers now available and shipping worldwide. French Resistance and British Riflemen are out everywhere except the UK/EU. They arrived in Southampton last week and the container is scheduled to be unpacked this coming week. We expect to have them into our warehouse sometime the week after that if there are no other delays. 

The Lizardmen and Prussian Reserve are also all moving along. They arrive in Australia this week. The US and UK shipments are currently transversing the Panama and Suez canals so we are still a few weeks away from having them in house. 

As mentioned above, next up are Boxers, Goblins, Cannon Fodder, and WW1/2 French Infantry! There are six other sets in file prep to come right on their heels so that we have multiple boxes out each month ahead.

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Mike - March 14, 2021

The Boxers look tremendous, really looking forward to those. Any chance of a Red Army, or a Soviet release? The Red Army would basically be the only plastic Chinese kit in production.

Julian Josefus - February 18, 2021

Finally someone is making plastic chinese! Any chance for Warring States or Three Kingdoms era?

Ben - February 17, 2021

I hope these new sets have scifi add-ons like Les Grognards. Those are sweet.

Axel - February 14, 2021

I will see what can be salvaged for my 28mm Ming…

Frederik F. - February 14, 2021

Loving the Boxers! I’ll definitely be grabbing a box or two when they release. Is there any chance we’ll see a Wuwei Corps kit?

Alberto Di Felice - February 13, 2021

The “catman” is a Tigerman troop for the boxer rebellion of the 1899-1901.
I hope to see soon the sprue.

Charlie Whitehouse - February 13, 2021

i really like the look of the boxers have been eagerly awaiting their release. they certainly look the part.

Kevin Scrivner - February 12, 2021

Catman looks ready for the most brutal field hockey match ever. Or is he just the team mascot? Either way, when he says “Cheer,” you do it!

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