Welcoming Charlie Monaghan!

Welcoming Charlie Monaghan!

We're very pleased to announce that Charlie Monaghan has joined Wargames Atlantic as our new Director of Business Development. Charlie joins Director of Sales Karl Oliver-Kyriacou in leading our trade and outsource manufacturing outreach efforts.

Here we see Charlie running afoul of the First Order. Poor Charlie spent several months building power couplings for Starkiller Base before making his escape to join us at Wargames Atlantic.

Charlie comes to us from Warlord Games where he spent six years most recently as Head of Trade Sales where he managed the B2B sale channel and the international sales team. Prior to entering the wacky world of tabletop games, Charlie spent 10 years in construction industry sales. 

You may recognise Charlie from frequent appearances in OnTableTop videos. He's a big tabletop gamer and hobbyist. There aren’t many games he hasn’t played. Some call him a hobby magpie! Welcome Charlie!
Artist DC Thomson trade card "Battles for the Flag" (series of 26 issued in 1939)

The Coldstream Guards bayonet charge on the Somme

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Rob Whitaker - December 8, 2022

Love seeing Charlie on OnTableTop, his kind disposition does not go unnoticed! :-)

Mark Farr - December 3, 2022

Great to have Charlie onboard with Wargames Atlantic!

Jeremiah Duncan - December 2, 2022

Welcome! Excited to see what you bring to the table!

Chris Wildman - December 2, 2022

Nice one Charlie! All the best and keep kicking ass dude!

(Chris from Derby, previously of Boards and Swords)

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