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What Kind of Wargamer are You? Survey and Contest

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David Preston - October 21, 2020

OK it started as an absurd idea, but I’d really like a box of just generic military esq legs and torsos.

I know we all love spare bits, but I have hundreds of spare Russian WW2 arms I’m never going to use. Sell me a box of legs and torsos that I’ll feel obligated to buy to justify (not to me obviously,) having kept all those arms.

Christophe - October 21, 2020

Please, Ww1, frenchies,, tommies, german, mortar, heavy machine gun, field artillery, flamethrower…
Some opponents to the Persians, cavalry…

You do a great job, figures are awesome, keep going 😉

Alexander - October 21, 2020

Not sure if everything went well when filling in the fields. But it is not important. It’s important that you guys are doing a good job! Good luck!
I hope you will succeed with great benefit (for us and for you;)) to fill the gap in the ancient range – no one makes plastic Thracians, thureophores, thorakites, warriors of various ancient eastern states – such as Parthia, Armenia, Bactria and Sogdiana as well as early Arabian nomads (camels, everyone needs camels!).

Will - October 21, 2020

There are no urban/modern fantasy minis on the market right now. Having kits of normal armed civilians and cyberpunky fantasy races would be absolutely fantastic for CoC/Shadowrun/WoD/etc.

Philip Shearrer - October 21, 2020

Loving the variety – it is great to have another excellent source for plastic miniatures that fit in with the other company’s scales and look.

Owen - October 21, 2020

Would love to see a French foreign legion set – you can only seem to get them in metal at the moment so plastic box set would be amazing and they could fright the Afghans( could be used as arabs)
All your models are fantastic keep up the good work!

Micke - October 21, 2020

Outside of the special units I would like, a general add to the different armies of cavalry would be the perfect development. For the more modern units this could mean drivers and riders for different vehicles, perhaps as a cooperation with someone else if you don’t fancy making vehicles yourselves.

Another thing would be different kinds of support personnel, such as mechanics, cooks, desk clerks and medical crew.

But keep up the good work, what you guys have done so far is just marvelous!

Craig Welter - October 21, 2020

My suggestion was something non-military, like 1920’s gangsters/lawmen, or wild west outlaws.

Wiktor - October 21, 2020

You combine both high quality and low price which is not common. I see very bright future for this company ;]

Colin HODGSON - October 21, 2020

Love your Afghans. Some Mutiny figures in home service dress would fill a big gap

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