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"What Kind of Wargamer" Results and Winners!

"What Kind of Wargamer" Results and Winners!

With just shy of 2100 responses we've tallied the results and randomly picked some emails for winners! We'll take some more time to go through all the incredible ideas that you guys left for us for new plastic sets!

Without further ado, survey says! ...

So the majority of you are first and foremost historical wargamers! With sci-fi wargamers a somewhat distant second. Interesting! But this is even more interesting...

Fantasy is a clear second choice for both historical and sci-fi gamers! It may not be your first choice, but most of you enjoy a bit of fantasy wargaming now and then.

Rounding out the results - in third place:

28% of you only do one or two of the three and we're interested in going through the individual results to define that a bit more. All in all some interesting data points.

What does it mean for Wargames Atlantic? Not much! We make 28mm plastics for all three genres and we're going to explode into several more historical periods in 2021. If we learn anything else interesting once we analyze the results in more detail we will let you know!

In the meantime, we've reached out to the winners:

Marcus Bird of Surrey, UK will be getting a set of Einherjar.

Paul Lucey of Guernsey will be getting a set of Halflings

Michael Thomas of Virginia, USA is waiting on the Partisans.

Congrats Guys!

For those of you who didn't win, no fear as you'll have more chances in the future!

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William Smith - November 10, 2020

We need some figures for the ww1 Germans to go against

Poul Christian Secher - November 7, 2020

Early WW2 great coated infantry.
If done cleaverly, with separate front bodies (Different button arrangements between nations), ammo punches, heads maybe footwear this set could be used for Danes (!!), Norwegians, Germans, French, Poles, Soviets, Rumanians, Dutch ect.
As heads and rifles would be quite diverse between nations, I guess the release might need to be split into a box of riflemen only, and another box for automatic/squad support weapons.
A lot would be reuseable from one box to the other (Heads, bodies ect.) and maybe it would ‘just’ be a case of having all arms/weapons on seperate sprues, so the basic body/heads sprue could remain the same?
The rifle set could include eg. Mauser 98K, Krag-Jörgensen, Mosin-Nagant, Mannlicher M35 and Lebel rifles.
The automatic/support could include eg. MP38/40, MAS38 and PPD-34/38 SMGs, the Madsen M24, MG34, FM24/29 LMGs and the BAR automatic rifles.
The potential for a dedicated support set is definitely there, as many of the early/minor nations used the same support weapons, such as browning HMGs, Brandt mortars ect. The body sprue would have to include kneeling figures, though.

Ben Joyce - November 1, 2020

I kinda just want to see WW2 Germans, specifically infantry or planes.
Keep working hard!

Tim Young - November 1, 2020

Your WW1 Germans and WW2 Partisians are excellent and fill a large void in gaming miniatures. Yes I am a mainly historical gamer and I am looking forward to what 2021 will bring from you.
War games Atlantic like several other companies have an outstanding opportunity with the miserable failure or Warlords resin Prussian cavalry. If you can produce a good Prussian Landwehr cavalry set with multi head choices then you could steal that market.
For myself I am hoping you come out with hard plastic WW2 Italian infantry. A simple regular Italian infantry set with maybe multiple head choices and a few light weapons would be very welcome.

Alexander - October 31, 2020

Congratulations to the winners!
Wargames Atlantic team – you are great, your feedback is right!

Louis - October 30, 2020

You guys really are one of the best miniatures company out there ! Keep the good stuff coming !

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