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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Where's the Beef??!?!

Where's the Beef??!?!

Covid, Brexit, Dogs and Cats Living Together, you name it but things are slow going out there! Here's where the next six boxes are right now (two of which we haven't put on pre-order yet): 

First up we have Eisenkern and Grognard Command and Heavy Support. In our warehouse and available now in Australia/Asia and so, so close in the US and UK. The train was scheduled to arrive in Atlanta today with delivery to Bridge "sometime" next week. Our UK shipment has been sitting in Southampton for nearly two weeks because of port congestion. Tentatively they are meant to be delivered to the warehouse on the 28th.


Next up are the British Riflemen and French Resistance. Unloading in port in Australia over the next couple days, arriving in NYC on the 24th with delivery to Atlanta around Feb 3, arriving at Southampton on February 2nd. We expect those last two to get held up in the ports as this current shipment is but at least the boats are on time!


Finally, we have the Lizardmen and Prussian Reserve sets. The estimates for them are: Australia February 10, UK February 21, and US February 28 but we expect those to slip given the conditions of the various ports. We will see!

So that's where everything is currently. Boxers, Goblins, Cannon Fodder are all almost in tooling with some last minute layout fixes going on. WW1/2 French has one mold finalized and the second being laid out. We've also just sent over the parts for 3 new sets for file engineering and layout. Three sculptors are working away on new ones as well. The plastic must flow! 

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Michael Schultz - January 23, 2021

This is great news and caught wait for my order to arrive at my doorstep.

Can I ask if the Lizardmen and Prussian Reserve sets are arriving the next few weeks, why can’t we make any pre-orders for these sets?

Keep up the great work.

Matt - January 22, 2021

Raums are still included with the Eisenkern, right? Thanks for the detailed update!

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