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We Have a Winner - Cavalry Survey!

We Have a Winner - Cavalry Survey!

We asked a little while back for your feedback on how many horses should be in a cavalry set and over 1600 of you had your voices heard. Here is the breakdown: 

The vast majority still felt 12 was a good number to go by. But there were some good arguments made for different numbers as well. It gave us a lot to think about as we prepare our first non-Spider cavalry! 

We also picked one of you to win a free box and we want to congratulate Richard Hunter of Leicester England who has chosen a box of our Afghan Warriors while he patiently waits for the cavalry to arrive! 

Congratulations Richard!

And thanks to everyone who participated. We might have another chance for you to win very soon! 

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jack - March 14, 2021

Can’t wait to get cav,personally I vote for Einherjar Cavalry preferably on Boars .

Wargames Atlantic - March 12, 2021

Hi Shaun – yes that’s why the survey was run on our website here so as to reach a wider audience. We do some polls for fun on Facebook but the big ones are always here on the site. Thanks! Hudson

Shaun Gooch - March 12, 2021

Perhaps consider that not everyone has or will ever be on Facebook. I will never entertain that platform (For serious issues with how it behaves with personal information. This is based upon my own horrible experience with Facebook!) but would like to take part in future surveys.

Perhaps run the surveys on this site and not Facebook in the future.

Either way, keep up the good work.

Also. If you are bringing us some cavalry in the near future. How about The British light Brigade from the Crimean War….that military disaster that Tennyson highlighted in his work ’ The Charge of the Light Brigade. “Into the valley of death rode the 600……!”

Stephen Wilson - March 12, 2021

12 feels right to me…. But what would be even better is if you expanded your Grognard range… Give those sci-fi boys some cavalry and don’t forget the lances 😁

John Wolf - March 12, 2021

That is awesome! Congrats Richard!

Scott Beil - March 12, 2021

First, congratulations Richard enjoy.

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