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Dark Age Irish Warriors

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Descendants of the fierce Celtic people, the Irish engaged in constant warfare between tribes on their island and were famous for their raiders who took treasure and slaves from lands across the sea.

Irish dress and weaponry changed little from the fall of Rome through to the Viking era and beyond.

This box set will give you enough parts to outfit 30 28mm infantry with shields and weapons including spear, sword, sling, axe, and the iconic shillelagh. Also included are 10 Irish wolfhounds and parts to outfit command including musicians and standard bearers.

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included.

  • Sculpting: Rob Macfarlane
  • Illustration: Peter Dennis
  • Figure Painting: Andrew Taylor and Andy Zeck (rest in peace Andy)

Buildings by Sarissa Precision

On Table Top does a comprehensive review of the set with build options and ideas: 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jim Clarke

The dark age Irish is a great set. Very versatile. All it needs now are some gallowglass or Irish foot nobles on mail with a mix of axe and throwing spear. Design your shields to be the same size as the gripping beast shields so the LBMS transfers fit them

Cameron Robinson
Needs more research.

while figures are nice, it shows up the fact like many others that do Irish their research is weak.
What they call shlies arn't they look more like Zulu knobkerries. Also the cloaks should have lots of fringing. Again we get the dogs, what is the reference for these!

Raine Mikkola
Great models

I bought these to use as Ruffians in Middle earth strategy battle game. They are perfect!

Martin Cloutier
Great for kitbashing! Great barbarians!

I bought this kit to make barbarians for my D&D games and for my skirmish games like Frostgrave and i am not disappointed!
Lots of options to build what you want and those 10 wolfhounds are great!

Not much moldlines to speak of too which speeds things up.
Very happy with this kit!

Great value, great options

I built my first Saga warband with two of these boxes and had plenty of left overs to use for other projects. The excess dogs I've used to add flavor to warlord bases as well as creating NPCs for Silver Bayonet. The figures build well, have great flavor, and come at an amazing value.