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Afghan Warriors

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The “Great Game” between Russia and Britain in the 19th century led to Afghanistan becoming a focal point of European interests. Little were British soldiers prepared for the ferocity and tenacity of these hardy mountain warriors.

This set includes warriors typical of the North-West Frontier during conflicts with the British from 1830s-1920s. Depending on weapon choices they would not be inappropriate from 1700 up to the present time.

This box set will give you enough parts to outfit 40 28mm infantry with weapons including pulwar and khyber swords, daggers, shields, muskets, jezails, and Martini-Henry rifles.

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included.

  • Sculpting: Thieu Duong
  • Illustration: Peter Dennis
  • Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy and Andy Zeck (rest in peace Andy)

On Table Top does a comprehensive review of the set with build options and ideas:

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mason C
A Solid Kit, But a Bit Spindly

There are a lot of good plastic Afghans on the market and I think these guys stand with them, but I find their hand and weapons a bit small. "Truescale," I believe people call it. They're just a little spindly when compared to others, small hands and thin wrists and quite small swords. It's a stylistic decision so I can't knock to many points off for it, but these lads will be used to bulk out second lines for other kits, rather than as a first and foremost force in their own right. Technically the kit is very solid, few to no mold lines, no flash, assembly is easy and they paint up like a dream. A very good kit with only minor artistic quibbles. If anything you ought to buy them for comparison's sake and just in case you need bits.

Jess G
With work, this kit can go far!

I bought these fellows for some “The Men Who Would Be Kings” games, set in the Anglo-Afghan wars. However I slapped on some AK-47’s on a few test models, and hot damn if they wouldn’t make for some good Muhjadeen or Taliban models, should you need some!

Jonathan Levine
hands on guns

If the hands were not molded on the guns this kit would have been so much better. Trying to match the guns to the right hand-less arm was difficult for me. Other people may have better luck with this but it was very frustrating for me. When kit bashing you can expect this kind of thing but for a kit that parts are supposed to fit together. All together with the rifles aside this was a fun kit with lots of head options and a lot of little guys for the money. idid have some issues with some of the swords not being fully formed. my guess was someone didn't clean the mold and a couple got passed QC .not a deal breaker. lots of extra part would have liked enough gun arms for everybody... That said there were enough for what I was doing.

Awesome Kit, Huge Potential

I love this kit. Fun to build in the usual WGA style (highly modular, many options, good level of detail). Clean sprues with little in the way of flash and mold lines.

This box has tremendous potential for kitbashing. Other than covering a wide range of historical periods you can make sci-fi or fantasy minis easily with this kit. Like most WGA kits this box contains so many figures I was able to make a small army of foot soldiers, assassins, and shooters at a low cost (no cavalry yet, get on it WGA!)

I used this box to make fantasy figures so I can't speak to the historical accuracy.

This box is a strong recommend from me for a fun building/painting experience and cool minis at a good price

Daniel Perkins
Really Solid Kit

I honestly would have passed on these lads, but got a single sprue from a buddy when I’d thought about making some Barbary corsairs. They’re very solid. A really diverse kit with their weaponry that can be leveraged for plenty of things. I’ve fielded mine as corsairs and WWII French Goumiers, though my Goumiers did get some fun kit bashes with French rifles mixed in with their original box.
They’re very solid. Their scimitars are gorgeous, their muskets looks so pretty to me, and their punching dagger is such a fun bit!
I get if you don’t have an army to run them in, but their flair is undeniable to me, and if you can find a place for some of these mad lads - I’d suggest them. They also just look really fun when nice crisp uniforms run into North African resistance.
Wanna raid south Wales with your Barbary corsairs? Wanna rescue the FFL from the AfricaKorps? Wanna shoot Dr Watson and send him to 22B Baker St? This kit’s got you. And heck enough minis to make a good skirmish group for each setting!