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German HMG Team

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This is a 3-figure set of German infantry operating a MG-08 heavy machine gun (which can also be used for several other armies and conflicts).

This is a full set with multiple head and arm options for a variety of poses. 

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Customer Reviews

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Michael von Glahn
a few quibbles, but over very nice

Bought this via Only-Games (hoping WGA finds a better-performing 3D partner soon, especially as I'd love to get the new WWI German cavalry, but refuse to make any further purchases from O-G). Unlike the WWI French Hotchkiss bought at the same time, this set only came w/1 barrel, which needed a lot of cleanup to a less-than-perfect print. Also, the trigger mechanism wasn't included (despite TWO requests when ordering for O-G to make sure they packed all the requisite parts). So I now hafta cobble something together from plastic rod & bitz so the gunner has something to hold. Speaking of the gunner, why does he have rifle ammo pouches? Better if all 3 were like the loader, w/no ammo pouches (if anyone wanted to add them, the plastic infantry set has plenty); it would make it easier to depict the guy w/the binocs as an officer w/o the rifle pouches. Did get 2 cooling water cans, which was helpful as the hair-thin hose on one was broken to bits & irreparable. Like the Hotchkiss, would love to see a slightly better version of this in plastic someday.