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Landsknecht Ogres

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Once united under the banner of the Great Tharl, the Ogre tribes and city states were sworn enemies of the Mannish kingdoms. Under the High Queen’s Peace though, some nations have begun to trade and even allied with the Free Kingdoms. Ogre mercenaries have adopted some of the more flamboyant customs and dress of their human employers and are formidable foes on the battlefield.

This box set lets you build either 9 Landsknecht Ogres or 9 of The Vain for Death Fields. Weapons include halberds, spears, cannon, knives, clubs, great swords, pistols, auto-guns, shotguns, and grenades. A huge variety of heads, floppy hats, feathers, and more will allow you to customize to your heart’s content! This set was created as a result of a contest on our site.

This box can also build The Vain, a group of abducted Landsknecht who after some time on the circuit succumbed to flattery and allowed themselves to be genetically modified to be bigger and stronger. Their alien owner of course didn’t explain that they would also become grotesque. They now operate as guns for hire and are lent out to the highest bidders as a supplement to regular teams on the Death Fields circuit.

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Product contents may vary from photos.

  • Sculpting: Rob Macfarlane
  • Illustration: Peter Dennis
  • Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy and Andreas Heneborn
  • Contest Winner: Michael Stockdale

Check out Big Gerry of On Table Top with his comprehensive review: 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jacob White
Easy to build, and a mountain of bits

Usually you’d complain that there were only X of each weapon but every set of two sprues has every weapon combo you could want for these guys. Very niche but love them to bits

Emil W
They are big, they are fun they are ogres!

Great set that delivers what it promises on the box. Very nice quality wise.

Excellent Landsknecht

I like to use these as the big brothers of my fantasy human army, and some of their extra bits for odds and ends (such as the mug for a cannon swab).
Pairs well with Conquistadors :)

Superb kit, love painting and assembling these guys.

Don't let the fancy sleeves and feathers fool you, these guys are straightforward models to paint thanks to their above standard humanoid sizes. They're aesthetically unique monster-sized units and stand out on a table especially with bright colours, they sport ogre-sized weapons of many varieties and there's options for sci-fi and medieval weapon loadouts so there's nothing to stop you running thesm as WYSIWYG Ogryns. And they're all still very poseable like the rest of WGA's line.

The only critique I have is the facial structure for heads is very similar despite them clearly sporting different expressions. And that they're shorter than GW ogryns by a fairly notable amount. That's it really.

Really Unique Kit

Nowhere else will you find such a cool box of plastic landsknecht ogres. The kit is fun to build, well-sculpted, and very creative. To me the creativity is the highlight of this particular kit. Kudos to WGA for executing the unique vision of the contest winner. I particularly enjoyed building this box and found myself wanting another which I don't really need just so I could build it again. The options it contains are really wide ranging with all kinds of landsknecht and sci fi options that feel interesting and flavorful.

One criticism I would say is that in this case I wasn't completely sold on the scifi/fantasy double duty with this kit. IMO I think that the kit would have been stronger as two boxes one fantasy focused and one sci-fi focused. However I'll admit that that is a matter of personal taste. I built my ogres as both scifi and fantasy figures and was happy with the results but would have preferred my scifi ogres to not have puffy sleeves and chainmail.

One fun potential use would be for blood bowl I think this kit could make ogre players pretty easily.

Overall I strongly recommend this kit. The options are expansive and the sculpts are dope.