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In the far future, there are many suns that never set on the British Empire or at least on the Imperial sons and daughters that make up the Bulldogs team. One of the stars of the Death Fields Circuit, the Bulldogs is a combined team formed from abductees taken from the shadow of Isandlwana, the banks of the Somme, and the streets of Arnhem.

This box set includes enough parts to build 24 hard plastic soldiers that can be equipped with standard infantry rifles, light machine guns, assault rifles, plasma and flame weapons, grenade launchers, and pistols. Four headgear choices allow you to customize your forces.

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Product contents may vary from photos.

  • Sculpting: Thieu Duong
  • Illustration: Mark Stacey
  • Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy

Made in the USA

Big Gerry of On Table Top does a comprehensive video review along with build ideas - have a watch here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great models at a great price

Love the models, bought a few boxes for my friends and I. Love the options, will buy again.

Emil W
British Space Program

Really enjoyed building these for at sci-fi skrimish wargame. They are really nice sculpts and flexible. Good amount of heads. Maybe some more bits and arms for customizing would have been nice, I only did a small gang of twelve so nothing that bothered me but if you are building a larger force it might become some what less varied. Anyways great kit!


These arrived quickly and there's just so many ways you can build these guys they're awesome for different 40k regiments for the gaurd, very cool kit I enjoy the versatility of these bulldog kits will buy this again.

Lee Bousfield
Exactly what I wanted!

This kit is brilliant! I was searching for a kit in the right scale to make a not Praetorian guard army, and this fit the bill 110%
I started painting one last night, and I'm looking forward to completing a full box.
I'm fully intending to make a large army, and I hope a heavy weapons and command box are soon to follow.
Many recommendations to any thinking of running a similar army.

We have the Tea but wheres the tiffin?

So these guys were my first buy into Atlantic war games minis and i wasn't disappointed, these make great alternatives to the old GW OOP Pretorians, but without the GW iconography they also avoid the looking too steampunk to fit in the with the grimdark as other ranges do, personally i am using them in star grave to represent colonial guard in the games we play, the sprues have plenty of options, even a cup of tea arm, i only wish there was a teapot and a plate of tiffin to accompany it.
There are lots of head options too, flat capped, tin helmet and gas mask options, i hope to see further additions to these in future, artillery and command options mainly then i can build a whole imperial guard army in this style
But why only 4 stars? well some the fittings on the arms could be better its nothing some green stuff cutting and pinning cant sort out but its still unfortunate, also there could be a couple for sergeant arm options out the box the one position for the sword arm is fine if your only building a couple of squads but for a whole army would take more cutting to get variation, they look compatible with other kits for kit bashing and there is the death fields weapon sprue, but i would have liked a couple more options for the leaders in the box, again if a command set ever came out that could fix that part of the problem