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Les Grognards

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The team began with a core of Napoleon’s Young and Old Guard from Waterloo and later were reinforced with troops from the Western Front of the Great War and decades later from the jungles of Vietnam. Over the centuries, their shared French language and culture (and trades by owners) have brought them together as a combined team on the Death Fields circuit. Even after centuries, the elite members of Les Grognards go to battle with the cry: “Vive la France!”

This box set includes enough parts to build 24 heroic scale 28mm figures with a variety of options including standard rifles, heavy lasers, flamethrowers, pistols, swords, heavy plasma guns, communication packs, and grenades. There are also four unique head types with and without gas-masks (192 total heads in this box)s.

  • Sculpting: Bob Naismith
  • Illustration: Diego Gisbert Llorens
  • Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy and Andy Zeck

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included.

Big Gerry of On Table Top provides a comprehensive review of the set along with build options, tips, and ideas: 

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Solid "half sprue" set

I haven't had an occassion to fully delve into building the Grognards, but I like the set. There's a real value in the amount of customisation and possibilities in this set only, increased incredibly by other sets, be it from WA or other producers. My biggest issue lays in the weapon models. It's definitely a case of taste, but I feel some aspects been overplayed. Las-muskets seems bit too bulky, with a lot of gribbles that make gun hard to read. Bayonets are massive - wide and heavy, with setup suggesting it's some kind of energy weapon as well. The included saw-sabre seems light in comparison (and it's an awesome piece of plastic!). Grenade launcher and plasma gun seems fine - especially the latter seems to look better than what a box art suggested. The flame thrower seems like it's a bit too much going on, with pipes, textures, cannister and weirdly shaped output.

Rest of the gear looks awesome - light energy weapon looks intimidating in compact form, there are detailed melee and pistol options, so you can fix your seargants easily. Amount of available heads and sets is mind boggling - can't wait to find use for them!

Kevin Collier
Excellent all around

I bought some Raumjager along side these guys and expected more of the same, I was not expecting them to be even better! The entire sprue of head options allows for amazing customizability, and even allows for easy distinction for sergeants. The models themselves have one solid piece for the torso and legs, which cuts back a little on the posability front, but the ease of assembly when you are putting together 20+ makes up for that since IMO, how many different ways can you pose "Dude with rifle." The arms together much smoother this time, I only had maybe three times I had wonky spacing between the gun and the left arm, however I will say that two of the "straight arms" look almost identical but are just different enough that you need to make sure you match them to the proper rifle or you get telekinesis guns. A fun thing I noticed was that there are these more traditional bowl helmets with gas masks that when used make our Napoleonic Frenchmen look more WW1 trench soldier-y, which can be a nice surprise if you want that kind if vibe. Also the bayonets are sharp enough they kept piercing my skin and actually hold themselves to the foam tray above them when I put them in storage, so I have hangers-on when I pull them out. 10/10 will buy again.

scott m
solid kit

Very nice kit, goes together well. Great for proxying 40k minis and lots and lots of extra heads! Ordered some cavalry as well from the same line.

Michael L
Excellent value for money kit

This kit comes with an impressive number of bodies, a bunch of different weapon options and a ton of different heads.

Some of the weapons are a bit too rounded for my taste, but overall this is an excellent kit that I have used in many conversion projects.


I have made so many variants from one single kit. The number of heads alone is incredible. I have bought several kits from Wargames Atlantic and I think this is the best so far