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French HMG Team

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This set let's you build a 3-man French HMG team suitable for both WW1 and WW2. Many head options to create a variety of units! 

This is a full set with multiple head and arm options for a variety of poses. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael von Glahn
useless belts, needs more trays

Got this via Only-Games (49 days from payment to delivery, but that's another story). I like the subject a lot, especially as the only previous Hotchkiss 1914 MGs available in 28mm have been chunky metal examples. O-G sent 2 barrels, which was good, as one was hopelessly bent (no, hot water didn't help in correcting it). There were FAR more heads supplied than needed for the 3-man crew, especially as I already had loads of leftover heads from the plastic infantry set (& the heads seems to have been suppled here at random, such as no less than 6 examples of the same head for only 3 minis). My biggest issue w/this set, though, is the ammo belts. The Hotchkiss was fed by rigid metal ammo strips. There is only ONE included, while there are TWO flexible ammo belts, which are not appropriate to this MG. Articulated metal belts WERE developed, but only for use inside tanks & aircraft. The arms supplied also don't hold the ammo tray realistically or securely. Hopefully this will be remedied if this ever graduates to plastic.

Josh Toman
Great options

Great addition to the French plastic, can use the kneeling bodies with bits form the plastic kit and astounding amount of head options that could be used with the plastic kit as well.