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The plain and shy third daughter from an unremarkable and unimportant barony far from the High Queen’s court, Olenia Vel Norne was amazed and relieved to be married off to the eighth son of the powerful Bargastilan family, Cal. The arranged union quickly transformed into that rarest of noble family marriages: a love match. Olenia and Cal seemed destined for a long and love-filled life.

As their first wedding anniversary grew near, Olenia hoped to surprise Cal with a cup designed in the shape of the original flower insignia of his family - a design thought lost to the ages. The family mage remembered where a stone carving of the flower might be found and Olenia descended deep into the family crypt in pursuit.

But other things lost and forgotten dwelled in that place…a demon, Vanje, trapped within an ancient family tomb, awakened as living flesh neared his prison. As Olenia chipped free the flower relief to take back to the artisans, the demon escaped through the crack in the fragile tomb.

Vanje quickly overcame the young woman, wrapping his form about her and taking her under his control. Cal was horrified as she entered their chambers, the demon twisted about her body. Before either knew what was happening Cal had likewise been overcome and Olenia watched in anguish as his body gnarled into the grotesque form of a living scythe.

The young lovers were ensnared. Vanje’s grip on them was complete. Now they are his hosts and tools and are driven to nourish him with the blood of the living. Vanje has promised to free them once his soul has been sated, but both know that there is no amount of blood that will satisfy the demon. Where they walk, the undead rise and villages fall. And the names of Cal Bargastilan and Olenia Vel Norne are cursed forever.

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