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Sea Peoples

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There was a general collapse of civilization around the Eastern basin of the Meditteranean during the Late Bronze Age (1200-900 BCE) that saw the rise of unrest and raiding. The Sea Peoples were either acting separately or as a confederation of tribes in carrying out well-planned and large scale raids on the remaining city states. 

Although much of their origins and history are shrouded in mystery, we do have several surviving records of their existence primarily from Egyptian sources.

What is irrefutable is that they made a lasting impact on the Late Bronze Age. 

This six-figure set (x 2 with puddle/non-puddle options) includes a variety of heads, shields, and arms to create several of the tribes. 

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Customer Reviews

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The right files at the right time

These were the first commercial STLs I’ve purchased (though I was a relatively early adopter on resin 3d printing), and they were pleasantly surprising in how well they function. Numerous options presented in the files which can be combined in a number of ways so as to allow for a great variety of finished figures. One particular feature really stands out however: the joint between arm and torso is incredibly smooth, which is particularly noticeable on the bare-chested models, to a degree I have rarely seen on multipart kits. Unfortunately, I cannot speak to the historical accuracy of the sculpts, though this was admittedly irrelevant, as I had a slightly different use in mind for them. Concerning printing, only two issues were encountered: the decorated elliptical shield has an extremely thin point in the central boss (to the extent that it was somewhat translucent when printed from gray plant-based resin), and the spears were somewhat difficult to print, as such always are. Otherwise, all I can say is that I wish it included more unhelmeted head options and a few additional weapon types, though these have more to do with the use I had in mind for them than anything else. Slightly more variety in the swords would also be appreciated, but overall a very solid set.