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Victorian Police

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A multi-part (and full figure) set depicting the British policemen of the later Victorian era. Whether they are chasing Jack the Ripper, a Cthulian horror, or assisting Mr. Holmes, we're certain you can find a variety of interesting uses for these bobbies! 

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Customer Reviews

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Yronimos Whateley
What's all this, then? A fun little digital set!

Regrettably, this set of Victorian police is (so far) only available in a digital format, with the option available for pre-printed figures from a third-party for those of us who do not have a printer of our own. But, it's a fun set, one of my favorites from Wargames Atlantic.

I'll mostly be using them in Victorian, Weird Western, and Cthulhu by Gaslight themed role-playing and skirmish games, but I can imagine this being a useful set for use with model railroads, historical wargame dioramas, and more. I'm no expert on the uniforms, but one suspects that these are probably specifically British police from about the Victorian era, but I think they'll pass just fine for other police forces of the era, such as Americans and perhaps elsewhere in the Anglosphere or even the continent.

The set comes with a handful of leg+torso main figures, mostly action-posed for the wide selection of drawn revolvers, but there's a standing and walking figure in there too for more casual Officer O'Friendlys on patrol. In addition to the revolvers and empty hand,s the set also includes a couple batons, whistles, and what look like cartridges for reloading one of the revolvers.

One does wish that the set had included a pair each of arms holding a shotgun and carbine/rifle, and hands handling some shackles/handcuffs or writing citations, but there is a limit to what can be done with a set like this, and bits for arming an officer with a riot gun or other long gun are possible to source from other kits, at least.

Want an opposing team for these police in a skirmish game? Try Wargames Atlantic's excellent and versatile French Resistance set, which ought to work great for improvised gangsters, bank robbers, anarchists, nihilists, or other pulp/historical hooligans! Reaper has some great plastic Victorian civilians, labeled as Cthulhu Investigators, I believe, that will go well with these guys as well, and zombies or Cthulhu monsters by Reaper and others might also supply some amusing opponents for these police.

Over all a fun little digital set, and I'd happily buy a couple full-fledged Wargames Atlantic boxed sets of these, if I could, for the bits and kitbashing possibilities, if nothing else!