2 New WW2 Plastic Sets for 02 Hundred Hours the New Game by Grey For Now Games!

2 New WW2 Plastic Sets for 02 Hundred Hours the New Game by Grey For Now Games!

We are very pleased to announce that Grey For Now Games and Wargames Atlantic are teaming up to produce two new World War II plastic kits. 


These will feature in Grey For Now’s forthcoming 02 Hundred Hours - the skirmish game of night-time raids - as well as adding to Wargames Atlantic’s growing World Ablaze range, joining the French Partisans, French Infantry, Panzer Lehr, and some other WW2 sets that are in the works!
The first of the two kits is German Sentries - the classic foe for stealthy WW2 operations. Sculpted by the very talented Rob Macfarlane, these are already in production - we’ve shown a colorized version of some of the digital files to give you a taste. The second kit will be announced soon.
Find out more about 02 Hundred Hours and check out the playtest rules on the Facebook group or subscribe to the Grey For Now newsletter.
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Jeff Chapman - April 23, 2022

Excellent! I welcome them!

Billy W. - July 4, 2021

I for one, am very excited for this.

JTam - June 27, 2021

Well one of the infiltrators seems to be carrying a Bren gun, so that kind of narrows down the opponents.

Chris - June 26, 2021

Hopefully box 2 will be a raiders box with silenced stens, welrod pistols, delisle carbines and demolition weapons.

Andrew - June 26, 2021

I fully expect Canadian W Commandos to be the other set!

Donald Stewart - June 25, 2021

Is there a prize for guessing what the second box will be. (Asking for a friend)

Jess - June 25, 2021

Looks fun, who doesn’t like trashing nazis.

Great looking models in the preview, lots of personality.

FrankR - June 25, 2021

Oh noooo… not more boxes I must buy… please… have mercy…

Darren James Richardson - June 25, 2021

You sold me on the sneaky German sentry having a quick fag!

Y. Whateley - June 25, 2021

WWII nighttime raid skirmishing sounds like a fun game, and the figures look great to me! Sounds to me like these guys would be a great foil for WA’s French Resistance. Wargames Atlantic and their new partners might convert me to a historical wargamer yet!

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