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A Big Damned Update!

A Big Damned Update!

We've posted up a big ole Damned update over on the Gamefound page. Have a look at the new vehicle design by Rob Macfarlane and some new artwork by Mark Stacey. 

Click here for the big Damned Update!

And coming in right after we posted is a work-in-progress of the new Beastmen!

Have a Great Weekend and Happy Wargaming!

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ab don - July 18, 2024

The new models look great, will the Beastmen have melee options to use them in a more fantasy setting?

Mark - June 23, 2024

How big will these new Damned models be?
Will these be closer to the old Cadians from GW or a little larger, like the SpaceNam/Necromunda range?
It’d be awesome if these were compatible with SpaceNam for easy kitbashing.

Brendan Flynn - June 23, 2024

I think ‘Trundler’ would be a good name for the APV. The kind of affectionate name a trooper would have for the vehicle that transports and protects him. I could see getting a few of those. “Fall back to the Trundler, we’re bugging out.”

Chris - June 22, 2024

I like the transport.

Re the name, I notice that the basic vehicle has no logos/badges at the moment to show its allegiance. So I suggest…

…if from the good guys/loyalists/heroes …. the “stalwart”. ( Shades of Alvis ).

… if from the bad guys/evil faction… the mangler.

Brendan Flynn - June 22, 2024

I love the new catfolk minis. These are not something that is easy to obtain. The only scifi catfolk I know of, are from the game counterblast, which are great miniatures but very expensive if you are not in the states due to shipping.

Walt - June 21, 2024

Gamefound only has likes for posts so here’s my entry for the APC name… the Echidna!

Alternate name “Ram” multi-functional APC, transport, workhorse extraordinaire!
Gonna be fun.

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