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A Bountiful Bevy of Factory Floor Photos...and Aztecs!

A Bountiful Bevy of Factory Floor Photos...and Aztecs!

Fresh from the factory floor are some shots of the boxes for the next release: Late Roman Legionaries (1): Lorica Hamata and Iron-Core Eisenkern Panzerjagers. These two are shipping out of China and we will have them up for pre-order soon.

Also sent along were some sprue shots (sorry for the bad photo quality we'll get better ones and full sprue shots soon!):

Above we have the Goblin sprue along with the body/head sprue of the Cannon Fodder

Here's the back of that one

Here's the second Cannon Fodder sprue with arms, bits, and spacesuit helmet heads

Here is the main French sprue with all the WW1-specific parts

And here is the second sprue in the French box (x 5) with all the WW2-specific parts along with the Senagalese Tirailleurs parts.

These three sets are in the boxing stage and we hope to have them on the water in the next couple weeks! And there are several sets piled up in the queue right behind them.

And finally, Christian Lemmen has sent in a shot of his work-in-progress Aztecs. He has a few more to go on these and we'll have some final photos for the box. Coming later this year. 

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Brendan Flynn - November 16, 2021

I love the look of these Aztecs. A nice mix of unarmoured to arm with slings, and I am sorely in need of archers, and spearmen for the lightly armoured, and at least another ten Jaguar warriors to fill out the ranks. Having these in plastic will probably bring my Aztec army to four hundred figures.

I have decided to make my Conquistidors from your box sets as well. Hanging out for the mounted lads as these are key to giving the spaniards an upper hand.

I dont suppose we could expect Spanish allies anytime soon. The Tlaxcalan in a mixed box similiar to how youve done the Aztecs would be much appreciated.

Incan’s too would not go astray whilst we are talking about Mesoamerican armies. Mayan, Tuppi, and others too of course but I digress. Great work folks it looks like you’ll be grabbing a fair share of my wages over the coming year.

Blecao - June 18, 2021

I cant wait to buy this french infantrymen for my army

Y. Whateley - June 15, 2021

I agree completely with the congratulations from Shaun – the Cannon Fodder really do look like they’re going to be one of the most versatile and kitbashable sets ever! Stargrave players are going to love them. 40K players are going to love them. They’ll make great space marines for any sort of ‘Alien’, ‘Starship Troopers’, ‘Starcraft’, or similar gaming you want to invent. They’ll make fun figures for retro-sci-fi gaming, and I keep thinking up new ways to use them for even weirder stuff – for example, there’s a few Reaper Bones monsters that, together with the Cannon Fodder, would kitbash into some great DOOM scenarios (there’s a Reaper monster that looks close enough to a cacodemon to be perfect for such a thing!) I also halfway want to use the Cannon Fodder figures more or less as-is for the baddies for a homebrewed GI Joe vs. COBRA game of some sort – we need more vehicles!

Marc - June 5, 2021

Great stuff on Display, but most excited for the new Romans and Goths. Hope there is pictures of the sprue soon, especially the complementary army builders. 24 figures isn’t much for a historical set, so it will be interesting to see how the Legionary box and the army builder box will work together.
Now where are the napoleonic spanish and the Indian mutiny brits? :)

Jade A Green - June 4, 2021

Finally the World War1 French soldiers I’ve been waiting for these guys for over a year, so excited!!

Daniel T. Lillis - June 4, 2021

Thank you Folks, you have now just Bankrupted me, I will be broke for the foreseeable future, But all of that aside, Wow its awesome how fast you’ll are doing this the minis look great and all of the different times and races. Again wow any word on more fantasy like Kobolds, and maybe wolves or worgs for the Goblins they look wicked. Hay just a thought for one of the extra spots on the molds space, maybe generic shields and weapons with just the hands on them so we can kitbash. Thank you for your Time.

Al - June 4, 2021

Look amazing so many possibilities! Great to have some space suit heads, not to mention some French expeditionary force for Very British Civil War….

Shaun Gooch - June 4, 2021

I think congratulations are in order for the Cannon Fodder.

Looks like you may have produced one of the most kit bashable kits ever.

I can see a myriad of possible uses straight off the bat. That’s aside from myself creating my own James Bond ‘You Only Live Twice’ bad guys.

Imperial guard players are going to be able to go to town with this kit.

I’ve always hated the Cadians. In my humble opinion, they have always looked like an incredibly lazy design, and almost schizophrenic, in regard to the top half looking like a ‘Downed Pilot’ ,with the bottom half wearing a frock coat akin to WWI complete with crude boots. It never has , or ever will, look like a soldier of the 41st Millenium. No matter how much they try to sell it that way.

Living in Nottingham tho. I had easy access to Forge World and as such bought the Elysian drop troops, whilst not amazing. We’re a better choice than Cadians for a guard army. The Deathkreig look great, but again not 41st Millenium. The only troops that ironically look anything close to it are from Horus Heresy 30th Millenium Solar Auxilia. Which I am a huge fan of and as such spent silly money on them. If only they were plastic. (Oh the irony!) Quirky! But they at least look the part.

Enough rambling!

Keep up the great work guys and produce Crimean War British Grenadier Guards. Please.

FrankR - June 4, 2021

I agree with Tom – that would be a very expensive year for me too…
Panzerjäger, Cannon Fodder and the new Bavarians… an Panzer Lehr… oh my god…
You make me poor…

Mike Peters - June 4, 2021

Gobbos,Gobbos, Gobbos!

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