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Conquistador Cavalry Survey

Conquistador Cavalry Survey

We've been finalizing the parts and getting ready to go to layout. Most recently we listened to your requests to add some pistols to the frame (we will also have suitable holsters along with some mirrored left arms for some)

But we need to make a choice between matchlock and wheel-lock pistols! Let us know in the survey and leave any comments at the bottom of the page!

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Mark Dewis - April 26, 2024

If sprue space is an issue, go with wheel-lock. Match-lock pistols certainly existed (though are FAR more of a Chinese and especially Japanese thing…), but if you could afford a horse and armour, you could afford a wheel-lock. The concept of a primarily pistol armed cavalryman is a mid-16th C thing, at which time we are talking wheel-lock and snaphaunce pistols. But that’s not really what the Conquistador cavalry were anyway. Lance and sword were their thing, and any pistols would have been optional extras.

Alex McKechnie - April 4, 2024

Color me “why not both?” I can easily see room for a few of each!

Mike Peters - April 1, 2024

Both please

Ben - March 31, 2024

I’m in the ‘why not both?’ camp, though it needn’t be equal numbers of each.
Would it be possible to have hands holding a grip and then separate pistol bodies (with both match and wheel options)?

Daniel L - March 31, 2024

I would vote for mostly matchlock for the bulk of the figures and then a couple of wheel locks for you fancy types: leaders and commanders who are probably more wealthy than those they are leading and had the cash to splash on a status symbol.

Jonathan - March 31, 2024

I would have to agree with Joe Mansfield’s comment. on a different subject I like dogs and would love to see plastic war dogs .they could keep the horses company and if they are big enough the goblins can ride on them

Niguel Vega - March 30, 2024


Tomasz - March 30, 2024

Why not both? I would add some unique pistol variants like “Duck feet”, gutling(mini gun) gun looking, some mini blunderbuss or even swivel gun type stolen from the Spanish galleon ;) Cheers!

Axel - March 29, 2024

If you have to include pistols, use matchlocks. They are about 40 years older and in more common use then the wheel lock during the time that fits the miniatures.

Personally I will not use them at all. Pistol armed cavalry shows up around 1550, which means a different fashion then that shown on the minis. But to each his own, and I know many use these for fantasy anyway.

Alan G - March 29, 2024

Mix of both and make everything that doesn’t fit on the sprue available to buy as an STL :-)

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