A Look at the Skeleton Sprue

A Look at the Skeleton Sprue

Here it is! Our first look at the Skeleton Warriors sprue.

We tried to pack as many weapons and pose options as possible into the space we had available with four unique bodies (one that is made up of separate legs so that you can either build a figure or use the parts on your bases or terrain elements). There are five heads (one with a Greek crested helmet). 3 different spear arms. A pike arm that can be held up or thrusting forward. Sword and bow arms along with arms to build command figures. The goat skull will fit on any of the spears or the pike to create a standard - or if you want you can create up to 8 goat skull skeleton warriors! A mix of left arms and shields rounds out the frame.

Each frame can build 4 figures. With 8 frames in the set you can build up to 8 bowmen, up to 8 swordmen, up to 24 spearmen, and up to 8 pikemen.

Let the Undead Hordes march forth! These can be seen in our shop here.


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