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A New Kind of 25mm Base

A New Kind of 25mm Base

Now for something a little different from us...bases! Specifically 25mm Dual Use Round bases. Let us explain...

As you know we don't put bases in our figure sets and the main reason is that we don't (yet) have any games with rules that require certain types of basing. And we also wouldn't know which kind of bases to put in our boxes since our miniatures are used in dozens of different games, each with their own basing requirements. On top of that, everyone has their own preferences for bases: round, square, oval, plastic, wood, MDF, metal, resin, etc etc.

As a wargamer myself, I have lots and lots of frames of random bases that came with other plastic sets that I had no use for (which sit unused in my closet of shame-I still keep them of course!) I didn't want to do the same thing and just throw bases into a box that would appeal to a few but would probably be useless for most. 

At the same time, we were interested in trying out some new ideas and combining some old ideas for new hard plastic bases. The first result of this is the 25MM DUAL USE BASES frame. 

The goal of these new bases is to achieve a few things:

  1. as low profile as possible without being hard to pick up - these are only 2mm in height
  2. usable for figures with both integral puddle bases AND flat feet
  3. able to be easily magnetized
  4. a good value

With #2 we know there are many who don't like the mound effect that integral puddle bases can create so we've made the bases with one side recessed: 

This will allow a figure on a puddle base to have their feet flush with the top of the base edge: 

Here's one of our Late Roman Legionaries (1): Lorica Hamata. Glue the figure to the inside of the base, fill the gaps with your basing material, and voila his feet are flush with the edge.

But say you have our Death Fields figures without the integral puddle bases or another plastic figure with flat feet. Then just flip the base to the other side: 

We've also textured this side in case you don't want to add any basing material. You'll just need to plug the central 3mm hole which brings us to: 

Here's the base with a 1mm x 3mm magnet push fit into the hole. The tolerances are tight enough that you don't even need to glue it. But now you can transport your miniatures securely or use a steel sheet or other type of movement tray with these (more on that later) 

So there you have it, we think a simple solution to a couple basing challenges that can come up. We'll be making these available in the not too distant future and following up with other sizes and types of plastic bases as well. 

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David Reyero - February 5, 2022

Wow, that’s brilliant!.

Will you sell the bases appart?

David Reyero - February 5, 2022

Wow, that’s brilliant!.

Will you sell the bases appart?

Russell - February 4, 2022

This is clever design and would be useful. I sometimes dread the steps of lopping off integral bases (and making sure the figures do not end up with disfigured feet), and of drilling each base for magnets. These would sidestep both of those neatly.
Please consider 20mm square bases with these same features.

Scott Beil - February 4, 2022

In thinking about it , something for the cavalry minis and something for lets say 40mm.

judgedoug - February 4, 2022

Fantastic. I’ll be buying a ton of these immediately!
Next up I’d go for the 25×50-ish pill pases for cavalry and 40mm round for the big fellas.
Then if you ever do “between man and ogre” size models, 32mm round, and obviously for “larger than ogre” a 60mm round

Einarr - February 3, 2022

I thought these were brilliant because I wouldn’t have to drill out a centered magnet hole.
But the capability to make puddle bases flush with the rim is super helpful for both my Warlords of Erehwon Gnoll army and my Silver bayonet minis.

Also you could use the “bowl side” of the base with flat feet minis and uv resin to create swamp and marsh bases.

John Wade - January 31, 2022

Does this mean you have a death fields game almost ready?

PETER CARLSON - January 30, 2022

Well done!

Henk - January 30, 2022

Great idea. But also another vote for classic 20×20mm square and for the Cavalry 25×50mm.

Walter - January 29, 2022

Are these going to be a full separate box? If so about how many sprues will be in the box?

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