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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


A New Vox Populi!

A New Vox Populi!

We launched the Vox Populi program - where YOU decide what we make in hard plastic - earlier this year. Now that we've had a chance to see it in action, it's time for some improvements that will help get new plastic sets into production faster! 

First off we've heard your requests and changed the current voting/voucher system to add $10, $25, and $50 vouchers. And instead of a vote costing $5 now every $1 is one vote. 

But we've also made some big changes! 

In the new Vox system, there are 12 active vote/voucher products (see them here) and on October 1st we will take the one with the MOST votes and move it to pre-order.

Now you not only get a chance to vote on your favorites but you can also suggest new entries using the #voxatlantic hashtag. We'll be collecting ideas to put to a poll in the near future so that you can then pick the new entry that will replace the one that goes to pre-order. 

Once the pre-order goal is reached, Wargames Atlantic will match the amount to put that set into production and the whole process begins anew. 

Like always the sets that are in the Vox Populi line-up are all things that we'd like to make at some point so you may see some moved into production outside of the voting. So far four sets that were in Vox Populi have gone into production: 

We hope you'll enjoy the new system and that the new format will allow us to get the sets YOU want into production faster! So get those votes going and October 1st the set with the most votes will be going up for pre-order! 

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Fiore Rizzo - October 5, 2023

Hi, a few days ago I posted on the ATLANTIC LEGION Facebook group my WW1 Austrians obtained from the conversion of WW1 Germans and Frenchmen, the idea was quite well received, I was wondering if thanks to #voxatlantic you could put to a vote the possibility of printing in plastic Italian infantry Great War!
Best Regards

W2K - September 19, 2023

With this new great streamlining of the Vox Populi, i feel like im getting closer and closer to seeing the sents I personally eagerly anticipate the most – The Egyptians.

Im not sure when exactly will they come out with to this new system, maybe in a year, maybe in a few years, but im still really excited for them. Wargames Atlantic is the only company that plans on making Ancient Egyptian miniatures in plastic, and I am so grateful. The only options people that want to have miniatures of Ancient Egyptians currently have are either metal models or overdetailed high fantasy Egyptian-inspired models that aren’t really my cup of tea.

This is the why I love this company, for filling in the gaps of many underrepresented (in plastic) periods and factions of history.

Falk - September 19, 2023

Great to hear news about the Afghan cavalry!

Wargames Atlantic - September 18, 2023

Harrison – all the sets in the list at the bottom of the page are coming. Vox is just a way for YOU to pick which come faster. As something gets selected for Vox WE may move something into production ourselves as well. And #voxatlantic let’s fresh blood get into the system.

Philip Waldron - September 18, 2023

It is terrific to see the Russian s are coming. Now give a cheer for the Hungarians.

Atlas - September 18, 2023

I like this new system. I’m glad the afghan cavalry are in production I had given up hope they would ever be produced

Harrison - September 18, 2023

Love the changes, though devastated to see that the squamata legions have been moved to just being a potential vox populi option. I had really been looking forward to them based on the 3d prints I saw.

Jens - September 18, 2023

I didn’t know the Russians were already in production so happy days. These changes sound wonderful.

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