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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


The Latest News for the Week Ending March 5th

The Latest News for the Week Ending March 5th

We've been a little quiet this week because we've been busy and there's so much going on. Here's a little rundown on things and some sneak previews too!

Last night we sent the final files for two new sets into tooling (they join seven others already in there) as we gear up for a bunch of new releases this spring and early summer. Three sculptors are hard at work on new ones including the Aztecs which we'll start to show off in the next two weeks. 

Artist Mark Stacey has started work for one of the next Iron-Core releases with this initial sketch: 

One of the sets that entered tooling had this in it: 

And it might have something to do with this: 

Artwork by Peter Dennis

A good chunk of our time has been spent working with developers on the website and our inventory systems and currencies. As you've seen here already we can now let you purchase and check out in your own local currency if you prefer it. 

We're also working on an order tagging and inventory management system that will make order tracking much more accurate for our three warehouses in Australia, the UK, and US. We've been growing pretty quickly and want to be able to stay on top of inventory so we don't run out of things (like Skeletons right now in the US and Dark Age Irish in the UK). Once this is in place and our forecasting models are updated - sometimes later this year we should never have a product out of stock again...maybe...hopefully!

And the best news is that all this behind the scenes work will give us more time to focus on making more plastic sets!

Lizardmen and Prussian Reserve are both at the docks in New York and Southampton so now it's just a matter of time before we have them in the warehouses. Shipping now in Australia. 

And French Resistance and British Riflemen are available worldwide now and all pre-orders have shipped out!

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Steve Pickering - April 2, 2021

Romans but Republican with chainmail armour would be nice so I we can have a more varied look on my legions, I have Warlord Games Republican Romans and have to cut and shut figures for a more varied look at the present time, give it some thought see what you can come up with.

Frabk - March 10, 2021

“…next Iron-Core releases…”
Fantastic to read that… I need more Eisenkern-Troopers…. and more big things…

What’s about the Shadokesh?
Any chance to get a box of them?

Andrew G Plumer - March 9, 2021

I do hope that the Late Romans will include scale armor and Heddernheim helmets. Latest research has shown that older armor and helmets weren’t discarded, but still used and modified due to wear and tear.

Ten Fingered Jack - March 9, 2021

Anticipating the Diocletianic/ Constantinian Romans and Goths

Don Williams - March 6, 2021

I am thrilled that you are working on a future release of Later Romans! Are these part of the Blood Oaths series? Recently, I’ve been building a wargame army depicting the Roman army from the late 3th to early 6th century) using plastic figures from a competitor. I have found WA minis to be much better quality, and I really like all of the extra parts that you provide that allow for some creative poses, head and equipment options. I’ve assembled several boxes of your outstanding Irish warriors, and expect these Romans to meet the same high standard. Two thumbs up!

Jules Moles - March 6, 2021

Love that Late Roman picture it really sends a bit of a mixed vibe to be honest with the one helmet looking almost like early Imperial auxiliary helmet but could be taken for middle period, but that depends on what the rear flair looks like. To me these would look great as fantasy humans in the Oathmark game as medium/heavy line troops. They have got a dark ages fantasy look in classical LotRs vibe. Nice artwork.

Axel - March 6, 2021

“Newest Ironcore”…
Have to admit that I have no idea where this goes. I have all the old Dreamforge releases, and the only one this fits to is the box you already have released. Perhaps Panzerjäger, the female variant, though this does not show in the sketch. For support and command these look too 0815. Looking forward to them….

Marc - March 6, 2021

Great stuff, as always! Almost every set you release is a must buy, despite all the different subjects. Looking forward to the indian mutiny set, romans and goths most.
An EU warehouse would be bliss, now after the brexit. While I like to order from local mailorders, they are mostly out of stock on WA items always and the UK is not an option anymore…
Keep up the good work and stay safe!

Shaun Gooch - March 6, 2021

An idea for the future. Crimean War British Grenadier guards. Complete with the long frock coat and iconic bearskins. Still worn for ceremonial purposes today.

The war in the Crimea was the very first instance of modern trench warfare. I’d love to see this multi nation conflict realised in plastic. I own every 1/72nd scale box ever produced by Strelets, who fantastically covered this little forgotten war, which involved Britain (including Highlanders…of ‘the thin red line’ quotation, France, Turkey and of course the Russian bear.

Keep up the great work.

SGZ - March 6, 2021

Late Roman set sounds great. Will it come out after the Scythians ?

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