Anton Reviews Panzer Lehr!

Anton Reviews Panzer Lehr!

Another incredibly comprehensive review on Anton's Wargame Blog - this time of our new Panzer Lehr troops. You can read the review by clicking here.

To get your own Panzer Lehr click the box below: 

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Paul Simcox - April 15, 2022

I would like to back Russel Mccaughan about the Ottoman as the box would also serve for a lot of warriors from Indian countries. Plus who does not admire an armoured elephant! That is a maybe for a later release but I know you can get elephants already and swap the crews over as required.

russell mccaughan - April 4, 2022

Hi russell here from nz.really loving your I have the aztecs coming I can see that a nz Maori warrior box would be a bit of a waste because you can only use them for early nz wars and tribal clashes.but with that in mine I would really love to see a plastic ottoman army box with gun/bow/sword go with the new range of Spanish figures.fantastic job once again and stay safe cheers

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