Aztec Warrior Frame Layout

Aztec Warrior Frame Layout

We are finalizing the layout for the Aztec Warriors sprue. This set resulted from a poll last year in which we asked people to pick from a group of historical adversaries. Conquistadors vs. Aztecs came out on top so we are doing a set for each of them.

Below you can see what will be on the sprue. You'll get 5 of these in the box for 30 warriors. Coming this summer. Miniature painting by Christian Lemmen. Sculpted by Rob Macfarlane.

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Wade - September 30, 2021

I too am wondering when these will be released.

Ralph Nuti - July 30, 2021

When are you releasing the Aztecs? Haven’t heard anything in a while.


ken micheli - June 25, 2021

will you be making aztec eagle knights to compliment your aztec range? how about some tlaxcalla allies to the spanish.

Where Is Huitzilopochtli? - June 22, 2021

where is Huitzilopochtli?

Joel García - June 21, 2021

Will it include options for the “Atlatl”?

Kevin Scrivner - June 20, 2021

These guys are looking scary! Think I’ll head back to Spain.

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