Aztecs and Conquistadors Arrive in UK Warehouse

Aztecs and Conquistadors Arrive in UK Warehouse

After missing their flights a couple times (a lot of cargo bumps out there these days!) the Aztecs and Conquistadors have arrived with our warehouse and fulfillment partner Sarissa in the UK. 

One of many pallets delivered today. Not without some damage but we'll wrap up the next ones a bit tighter! (Moving production from China to the USA has resulted in re-learning and re-inventing all the processes we thought we had locked down! No worries - onward!)

Sarissa will start getting these out to our customers in the UK and EU but it's also the long Easter holiday weekend in the UK so don't expect to see your shipping notification until Tuesday and after. In any event they will get them off to you as fast as physically possible. 

Production is running on all the restocks and the first of the five new sets coming in May. 

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Axel - April 15, 2022

Good news! :-)

Marian - April 13, 2022


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