Aztecs Prepare for War!

Aztecs Prepare for War!

Aztecs are partially done and we wanted to show off some work-in-progress. These are not finished and not all the parts are here yet but they are getting closer! Let us know what you think in the comments below.




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Owen G - March 23, 2021

These look fantastic. I used to run an Aztec Army many years ago with the Tin Soldier 25mm, and really looking forward to putting these on the table!

Tony S - March 22, 2021

Can you do a head sprue so that they can be built as Texcallan warriors?

Jacob - March 22, 2021

Hey these look great! Any chance of getting more generic South American tribesmen to use as allies with either side?

ken - March 22, 2021

will there be any eagle warriors ,priests or warriors wearing huaextec costumes?

Andre - March 22, 2021

How well will these and their Conquistador counterparts scale against other ranges such as the Grognards and GW cadians?

Rick, The Grumpy Gnome - March 22, 2021

I like them and look forward to seeing what else you will be doing with them. Looks like these will be going on my wish list!

Merijn van 't Veer - March 22, 2021

Amazing, would it be possible to add piercings? It’s thought that a lot of Mexican people would have worn highly decorated piercings in the lip or nose.

Jose Santiago Martín Martínez - March 22, 2021

¡¡Magnificos !!

Paul - March 22, 2021

Looking good to me.

Are there plans to produce more ‘specialist’ troop types, or is it a case of waiting to see how popular these are?

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