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Bases Survey!

Bases Survey!

We've had a great response to our new 25mm Dual Use Bases (the ones that are designed to accept both puddle based and flat footed figures and also incorporate a place for a 3mm x 1mm magnet. We wondered what other sizes you'd to have us do this way? 


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Richard Bolton - September 19, 2022

60mm round for weapons teams

Reeplcheep - September 18, 2022

60 mm round for weapons teams

Cayce P - September 18, 2022

60 × 35mm ovals for skirmish cavalry,
32mm round,
60-65mm heavy weapons/scenic bases,
Sabot-style trays with magnet holes for 25mm round bases

witt sullivan - September 18, 2022

Hex bases for Battietech figures.

Justin - September 18, 2022

60mm round seems like the most logical route to me, since you’re producing weapons teams that need them. Providing bases for end users to use on other things is good and all, but I think focusing on providing bases for what you already make is the best and most self-serving route.

Tim - September 18, 2022

Ooo! Has anyone asked for 71mm pentagons with 3×15mm magnet holes, double-sided? (Convex on one side, mountains on the other) That’s what I want.

alan - September 17, 2022
60mm x 32mm oval bases, for Cavalry
Mr X - September 17, 2022

Personally i use RP Archive’s removable magnets style and bases like form GW.

As for a strength of the magnets i use what i have (3×2 N52 magnets with theoretical load of 0,27Kg | 2,65N ea).
For 40mm bases and thin rubber magnetic sheet three of those magnets are minimum for short miniature like yours small gigant spiders (+ some metal and texture paste on base).
For higher miniature like Davale Games bat swarms i use 9 of those magnets for strong connection.
For giant spiders on 65mm bases i use 6 of them to have enough strength for connection.

Eilif - September 17, 2022

Have you all considered plastic scenic bases? Other than bases with a bit of mild texture , right now only GW (expensive) and Champ Industries (only 8 designs in a decade) seem to be making HIPS scenic bases you can purchase separately.

Also, your existing bases have a nice basic texture that would look pretty good on it’s own except that it is broken up by the hole in the middle. For future kits, perhaps have the hole in the middle covered over with the same texture, but very thin and easily openable. Sort of like old school square bases where the top was solid and you had to punch/cut out the slotta.

Tomas - September 17, 2022

27mm round as SW-legion uses, =)

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