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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Wargames Atlantic Goes Medieval!

Wargames Atlantic Goes Medieval!

We know...we know! We already have 11 ranges on the go but who can resist knights in shining armor and men in tights and chivalry and all that? 

We've spent the last year studying the finest resources on the medieval period: 


First, we decided this range would fit nicely between Blood Oaths (which ends around the time of the Norman Conquest) and our Renaissance range. The new range will be called The Age of Chivalry and will cover roughly 1067 through to the late 1400s where the Renaissance kicks in. 

After much work and in close consultation with our friends Paul Hicks and Andy Hobday who are behind the excellent Barons' War range and rules, Rob Macfarlane has started work on the first plastics: 

The first sculpts are for Foot Knights suitable for mid-12th through the early 14th century. He has also completed Sergeants, Levy, and some cavalry sets which will follow the knights in close order. 

The first frame will include the following parts: 

Here's some photos of some of the figures assembled and painted: 


As you can see you can get quite a lot of variety, weapon options, and helmet types from the set! 

Once we got started though, we got a bit excited and pushed it right through tooling too! 

And then we figured, well this one is all set to go so let's get it on pre-order and shipped off to everyone as soon as possible! 

Pre-order now! Shipping later this month! 

Four other sets will be following this one in very short order! So you see, this isn't the April Fools' you thought it was! 


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Lippert - April 5, 2024

Ah Niels there he is, the man so terminally online that he has conditioned himself into getting overly emotional over complete non-issues. The article clearly says that design HAVE been completed, and that four other sets WILL be following. At this point in the process, wga is hardly likely to cancel the rest of the line.
But you are most welcome to blame me if they do.

Niels - April 5, 2024

Ah Lippert there he is: Schrödinger’s hobbyist. He complains about complete ranges but won’t buy the sets that will show the manufacturer that the range is worth doing and more importantly pay for the first releases in the range so the manufacturer can actually afford to keep making them. There are dozens of metal ranges that have died an early death because of people like this.

Lippert - April 5, 2024

Any rough estimation of the release schedule for the whole range? I love how these looks, but without mounted knights, archers etc. to go with them, the box will most likely just end up on a shelf. I’d much rather wait until the whole range is out before buying.

Robert Bailey - April 4, 2024

Do you intend to make a complimentary group of Saracens?

Zack - April 4, 2024

I am particularly looking forward to this, loads of kitbashing potential for D&D and wargames. however the prospect of levies has me really excited. I’m hoping any mounted knights have classic caparisons!

Peter - April 4, 2024

Hooray an historical subject and nice looking figures.Boo ,yet another subject already covered by several other makers. Why could it not have been those teased Native Americans that are not available in plastic in this scale?

Bam Bodyslam - April 3, 2024

Norman – I mean, this is definitely one of those times where I hope to be proven wrong. I’d probably prefer WAs medievals over Victrixs as well.

Norman - April 3, 2024

Bam – But then you’d have oversized 32mm models with all their arms stuck up in the air. I’d rather wait for WGA but I suspect given how many releases they’ve had already this year they will soon have many many more kits than Victrix anyway.

Bam Bodyslam - April 3, 2024

They look great. But I suspect that, much like the late romans, Victrix will have a whole range of medievals out by the time WA will have a single box or two released.

Eloi - April 2, 2024

Would you be interested in collaborating in the organization of the “medieval games” as a sponsoring company?

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