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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


BEF Final Layout!

BEF Final Layout!

After listening to all your feedback and making several changes we've settled on a final layout for the BEF frame!

Changes include: 

  • Revised mortar and mortar round
  • Bayonet Enfields corrected to right model
  • Pouches with snap instead of buckle
  • Reversed carry for Bren gun
  • Handle change to entrenching tool
  • Reduction of Home Guard-specific weapons to create space for needed equipment
  • Removal of Boyes rifle (will be included on weapons teams frame)
  • Addition of appropriate number of packs/gasbags/water bottles/etc
  • Inclusion of rifle arms that will also work with the prone figure

The set should now be highly useful for the BEF along with providing a wide variety of parts that will allow Home Guard to be built (or forces for a Very British Civil War or other inter-war uses)

These are now in tooling and we will be showing off the plastic as soon as it's ready for it's debut! 

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Everett Sharp - January 19, 2024

I am glad to see the lack of attached bayonets which will save me cutting them off as I have done for many in your WW1 British set. IMO there is enough for a LDV ‘Home Guard’ section of the summer 1941 – who even then would be lucky to have been issued a full compliment of the Ross Rifle, a Thomson, BAR and Lewis Gun, as prevously hunting rifles, shotguns and, in the very early days, a broom handle with a bread knife attached had been scratched together.

TVM for the mix of weapons overall especuially the BAR and ‘drum’ Thompson, as all could be used in games set in the 1930s; or ‘kit bashing’ – whatever – for exotic opposition to Commonwealth or other ‘Regular’ Western forces.

danny williams - January 16, 2024

Hope to see a few shotguns in that extra weapons sprue. I mean how else can my home guard go grouse hunting while waiting for Gerry to take his thumb out?

Matt - January 8, 2024

Thanks for listening guys, and I’m glad you kept a Thompson, Lewis and a BAR on the sprue for us that plan to play some pulp/VBCW. Wish you could have squeezed in another Thompson one handed (drum mag Thompson in plastic, yes please!) and a firing lewis but I know I was outvoted by the historical purists who need more brens in their collection. In any case I’m pleased with the compromise. I might need to order even more boxes, maybe I will start an early war army after all…

Jeff Chapman - January 8, 2024

Thank you for your quick and clear reply. Delighted to hear that you’re definitely going to produce a support weapons set. I really do hope that this will include a flame-thrower team besides Boyes rifle, 3-inch mortar and Vickers machine gun. Please make the soldier figures different from those in the first set so that all will be more adaptable.
Kind regards

Doshu Tokeshi - January 7, 2024

Jolly good! First class! This will look really good for both 1940 and Italy. Well done. I’m sure folks are keen on Operation Sea Lion for Home Guard, but being able to use it for France 1940 as well as Greece, Crete, and Italy will be good. Cheers

Nick Rethemeyer - January 5, 2024

Looks like a good compromise. You’ll never please everyone, for example I hate prone figures and rarely attach additional packs and bottles. But if you didn’t have them someone would complain of their absence.

Sean Tighe - January 5, 2024

That looks better, thanks for listening.

Wargames Atlantic - January 5, 2024

Jeff -what you see on the frame is what it’s the box x 5. Left over parts may make it into the support weapons set (i.e. the Boyes)

Jeff Chapman - January 5, 2024

You’ve obviously made a very good effort to accommodate the wishes of commentators but I’m still a little confused. It seems as though you’ll be including a sprue of optional weapons in spite of the fact that you’re also considering putting out a Heavy Weapons set, which I would love to see. . Only the Boyes anti-tank rifle appears to be missing, so what exactly will this extra sprue include? I see that a Vickers heavy machine-gun is planned. For this product or a new Heavy Weapons set? Will either of these include extra soldier figures, such as those eliminated from the final choices. I imagine that a few at the very least would be necessary.

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