Boxer Rebellion Chinese Layout

Boxer Rebellion Chinese Layout

We're a few releases away from the Boxer Rebellion Chinese for our Imperial Conquests range. We wanted to show the sprue layout to give you an idea of what will be in the final set:

We'll have more to show in the coming weeks as we get closer to release. Release date and number of figures in the box are not finalized yet. Follow along here or on our Facebook page for more updates.

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Richard Zamudio - September 17, 2020

A good box set would be a European power to match the Chinese! If you made U.S. marines, they could also be used for battles in the Philippines.

Mitchell Berdinka - September 7, 2020

You definitely need a leader figure(at least you do for TSATF rules) . Maybe a couple of dead figures for making casualty markers. Also a jingal gun figure and crew would be nice. I’m looking forward to these coming out.

Paul Mooney - September 6, 2020

If the section 27 plus contains separate pigtails, then they can be left when constructing the figures, which can then be used for Taiping Rebellion. Excellent. I would also like to see a couple of jingals please.

Andy O - September 5, 2020

Consider adding some “Sickles!” The Sickles would be used to Harvest Rice for the masses & Foliage for the Livestock by the Peasants. It would be more common than the “Meat Ax” used by the Butcher.

Axel - September 5, 2020

If “what will go in here” is a call for suggestions, I would vote for more bodies, alternatively arms and equipment that makes these usable either as civilians or as irregulars for Qing or even Ming era armies. There is nothing against a Jingail, but 4-6 of them in any pack are a bit on the extensive side.

Frontis WIggins - September 4, 2020

Looks great. I second the vote for a jingal and I see a head and shield for a Tigerman!

James Wallbank - September 3, 2020

Can’t wait to order the multi-box deal for this! Really hope it leads to more far eastern subjects being added to the ranges; its a yawning gap in the hobby…..

Colin Upton - September 3, 2020

That section over the ironical labeled “made in China” those arms are quite widely spaced on what looks like a long wall gun… could it be a JJingal?

BIll Redford - September 3, 2020

This is a set I’m getting. Can’t wait!

JOhn PIttenger - September 3, 2020

YES!!!!!!! Please keep me informed!

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