Boxer Rebellion T1 Incoming!

Boxer Rebellion T1 Incoming!

The Chinese warriors for the Boxer Rebellion are almost finished tooling. We expect to have a T1 (first test shot) around December 27th. Once we have photos of the sprue from the factory floor we can show it off and production and boxing will be not too far behind. 

While we wait here's the final sprue contents: 

2022 is going to kick off with a bang! 

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Arnaud Hincq - January 24, 2022

We need Belgian Soldier with these boys !

Gary Hughs - January 15, 2022

So looking forward to these. Will mix some with WWI pieces (got lots of spare French heads) to use for warlord era Chinese & back of beyond games.
Will use some for Ever Victorious Army/Taiping games.
And some for Boxer rising too.

As for Boxer opponents, the mixed nations might not be feasible in plastic, but 1900 era civilians (perhaps with some military hats or kit) might be an option – they could also be used for other colonials or perhaps for the Old West. Otherwise I would suggest Russians & Japanese. They fielded quite large forces, but also could be used for Russo-Japanese war, and some of the Russians could perhaps be used for 1914?

Axel - December 28, 2021

> it will be certainly be interesting which one War Games Atlantic releases.

Austrian marines should be the obvious choice. Nobody expects them…

With a few boxes you can make the whole force, and you can reuse them for all the other splendid historical scenarios where the Austrians send in their Marines :-)

richard zamudio - December 22, 2021

This boxset will certainly require enemy forces! With such a choice of “allied” (foreign) contingents to choose from, it will be certainly be interesting which one War Games
Atlantic releases.

Y. Whateley - December 22, 2021

I’ve been looking forward to this set, it looks great!

A great historical subject, to start with, but I’ll definitely be scooping up a few boxes of these guys for some pulp adventure and horror scenarios – I’m in a mood for some Big Trouble in Little China, and these guys will make great heroes, villains, and more!

I’ll exchange a few bits here and there with some French Partisans and Afghans for variety, too.

You know what ol’ Jack Burton would say at a time like this: “What the hell!”

PEter - December 20, 2021

Boxing the boxers ha ha !

Joshua Burbridge - December 20, 2021

Is those 25mm bases I see?

Wayne Johnson - December 20, 2021

Damn another period to get into. 2022 might be an expensive year 😁

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