Boxers Ready for Tooling

Boxers Ready for Tooling

The next set for the Imperial Conquests range - Boxers - is getting ready for layout in preparation for injection mold tooling. Here's an image of some of the parts:

We won't know if everything will fit until we do the layout, but it's looking good. You'll be able to use this set to create the traditional Boxers and also other Chinese government troop types like the "Kansu Braves". We expect there to be 40 figures in the box.

We will be updating on this set as the sprue design is finalized and also showing the other set that will be coming at the same time: Giant Spiders (with a twist)! Follow us here, on email, or on our Facebook page for more.

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Phill KIlgore - August 27, 2020

I have been waiting for someone to make these and need a stack of boxes! Any word on where these are at in the production pipeline?

Joe Kovar - August 20, 2020

Any update on when the Boxers will be available? I’m looking forward to purchasing a few boxes.

Kevin Quinn - July 29, 2020

By far the best looking boxers in 28mm I have seen, hopefully I can buy them soon?
Of course the next question is when will there be the multi national forces holding Peking be coming!!

Oghar - June 26, 2020

Please give us an update! I’m in desparate need of these Blood & Plunder South China Sea Hong Kong and Dutch East Indies pirates! :-D

Derek Krumel - June 22, 2020

These are just the coolest. I’m super excited for this release, in particular.

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