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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


British Expeditionary Force Set Preview

British Expeditionary Force Set Preview

The first set to go through the new Vox Populi system is our British Expeditionary Force and it is almost with us! We wanted to give you a preview of this awesome set!

Vox Populi is our system to let you decide what we make fastest. First you vote on what goes onto the List of 12, then you vote for the one that you want most, and the one with the most votes goes to pre-production order. Once that hits $6,000 in orders, we match it to go to tooling. All the while this is going on we are taking your feedback, making changes and additions, and working toward the best frame of parts for that set that we can achieve.

The BEF is a good example of this in that we took a load of feedback and Rob made a ton of changes along the way. It covers all the bases for BEF but also has some additional parts in the mix to allow you to build good approximations of Home Guard troops. Here is the final frame: 


And here is the printed box:

We think you're going to love this set! 

Painting by Chris Hindmarsh

Frames are running on the presses now and boxing has commenced! Shortly they will be winging their way off to our three global warehouses in the UK, US, and Australia. Check back next week for pre-orders! 




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James MacLennan - March 31, 2024

What we need now is a Home Guard Support Weapons set with Blacker Bombards and Northover projectors.

TAPM113 - March 16, 2024


The prone miniatures are an awesome idea, and the sprue is jam-packed – probably your personal record in terms of sprue efficiency!

The prone mortar and Bren machinegun are the most delighful little plastic morsels I have ever seen. And the weapons are awesomely detailed, the progress you make in craftmanship from one kit to the next is clearly visible.

Nigel - March 15, 2024

So looking forward to this set

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