British Riflemen Ready to Take the Field

British Riflemen Ready to Take the Field

We had intended the Spanish to be our first Napoleonic set but the British Riflemen are beating them to the field of battle. 

This hard plastic set will feature lots of options to create a sharp looking unit (or two) on the table. More on these this week!

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Ryan Whipp - December 17, 2020

How do the arms/heads look on the halflings?

Richard Westberry - December 16, 2020

These are great with just the tiniest of tweaks they could be played in a sci-fi game/campaign

Phil MacLeish - December 16, 2020

Heads and hands look fine to me! Love these and Sharpe Practice will have a new group of Chosen Men for my next encounter with the dastardly French!

Keir R Scott - December 16, 2020

Whilst these are a welcome addition, the heads and hands look outsized.

Christoffer - December 16, 2020

Now do my eyes decive me or do I see rifleman Hagman there?

Iain - December 15, 2020

I hope that there will be some sharp looking character heads and weapon options. Looking great a set or two heading my way early in the new year.

Alan McNair - December 15, 2020

At last plastic British Rifles these look great will be getting a few boxes

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