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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Cannon Fodder 2 in Tooling!

Cannon Fodder 2 in Tooling!

The all-female Cannon Fodder set is in tooling now and we can show the final frame layout to show what will be in the box! 

The arms in this set will also work with the male bodies from the first set. Keep an eye on the release schedule as these move through production. They'll be hot on the heels of the Bulldogs! 


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Klaus - April 17, 2022

Nice, but I would recommend to modify the sculpts a little bit.

-1 or 2 more “round” and maybe even stocky ladies per sprew. At the moment all have the same ideal slim well proportioned figure. But soldier ladies are sometimes more muscolous.

-1 in sprew could be a kneeling lady (for sharpshooting of course :))

-a couple of long-hairs and more different braids heads

Ronald Labor - March 21, 2022

Yay! More Vault dwellers!

Capn Charlie - March 16, 2022

Six bodies and 35 heads… something about this math seems off. Shouldn’t there be more like at least ten bodies?

OLIBAR - March 10, 2022

Why not mixed box, male and female ?

David Phillips - March 9, 2022

I’m close to owning all the death fields sets just waiting on base cannon fodder restocks and enough expendable income for heavy los grandes. but do I need two death fields sets? I guess I’ll see probably won’t buy them immediately

Y. Whateley - March 7, 2022

Great work as always, WGA!

I like the increased variety compared to earlier sets, with lots of different heads, weapons, prosthetics/cyborg bits, etc.!

The grappling hook alone is an inspired addition – I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere else, and certainly not in a sci-fi set. I’d love to see more of that sort of thing, and the binoculars, in future sets!

Even if you aren’t going to use that many female figures, there are weapon and accessory bits that can be used with the male Cannon Fodder and other kits – the arms, weapons, accessories, etc.

I think I’ll get some extras, just to give away as gifts to the lady gamers I know, too.

Raspberrygoop - March 6, 2022

I was planning on waiting for these before I got Cannon Fodder 1, but I couldn’t wait and that kit was a pleasure to build and paint. Looking forward to this one!

Axel - March 6, 2022

If you ever find some spare place on your sprue you could just add a couple of hands in different poses, so that one can add that to existing arms. I count 8 here with arms, which can be perfectly used with a cutter, but I am sure you could fit in in quite some more which would be useful for so many plastics around… I would buy that sprue just for the hands, regardless the other content. Just like this set for the heads.

HG - March 5, 2022

Awesome work, I am hoping to order a large dose again!!

Cayce P - March 5, 2022

These are great! So excited for this set!

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