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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Cannon Fodder Take the Field!

Cannon Fodder Take the Field!


These are the dregs of the Death Fields sport: the washouts, the mental cases, the warriors who just can't cut it or the teams whose strategy, training, or cunning have fallen behind new, younger franchises... These are also the one final chance for an owner to profit! 

Introducing the Cannon Fodder, a versatile set for Death Fields or great figures to build your planetary militia, colonial marines, starship crew, and more! Four head types along with a variety of weapons and equipment give you so many options. Get yours here!

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david evans - November 20, 2021

I liked this set so much I have now bought the Raumjager and Les Grognards sets.
I was totally impressed with these too, plenty of conversion possibilities. The jager’s are perfect for drop troops which Forge World no longer do.
Les Grognards could be used for any of the Imperium’s forces including Cadian, Vostroyan, Valhallan and Death Korps of Krieg.

Bon - October 7, 2021

Hello, I preordered it in August, when will be ready and delivered?

Benjamin MacConnell - August 17, 2021

Righteous. Glad to see them out and ready (even if the Fodder themselves aren’t).

I’m still enamored by this idea I had of a Guard force that crosses over with Paranoia. A company of cloned “troubleshooters”, created to defend their isolated complex and further the interests of an insane AI. Using experimental technology and raw numbers (and a few backup clones) to hunt down the commie mutant traitors forming secret societies.

All of which the clones also are. Because Paranoia.

The fact that this kit seems to only have “regular” rifles/lasers and plasma guns is kind of unfortunate. No access to things like flame throwers or grenade launchers. On the other hand, it’s not too bad because 1) Special Weapons that aren’t Plasma tend to suck for Guard in 40K this edition, and 2) it’s very easy to source weapons from other companies (Anvil Industries, Victoria Miniatures, etc).

Diego Tapia - August 16, 2021

Penal legion here we go

Y. Whateley - August 14, 2021

I’ve been looking forward to these guys!

Between the simple, grey jumpsuits and caps, I just realized what they’ve been reminding me of: those quasi-military Earthmen from the ’50s sci-fi classics like “The Forbidden Planet” and “IT: The Terror from Beyond Space”. Now I really want to see some rayguns, a flying saucer, some bug-eyed aliens, and a Robby the Robot-alike to go with them ;)

The semblance to Vietnam-era US helmets and caps and weaponry is probably no coincidence: I’m pretty sure that Vietnam War-inspired “Space Marine” source material like “Aliens” and “Starship Troopers” went into the design here, and I’d say that Imperial officers from the original Star Wars films and from shows like “Firefly” and “Dark Matter” aren’t far off from what we’ve got here, too, making these guys great for Imperial or Corporate space goon-squads.

They remind me a lot of the “Doom Guy” and “Quake Guy” from the classic ID Software video games, and it looks like there’s even a classic-style BFG-9000 to go with them! I bet some plastic zombie and demon miniatures and bits can be sourced pretty easily from Reaper Miniatures’ Bones fantasy figures for a Hell-infested cyberpunk Martian dungeon-crawl based on those games. (Maybe Wargames Atlantic should try their hand at a DOOM-style possessed, Deadite space-zombie faction for Death Fields?)

I love FrankR’s idea of kitbashing the Cannon Fodder guys with the Afghan warriors to make near-future Taliban type guys, and Robert Wordon’s idea to kitbash them with WWI Germans. (I bet these kits can kitbash nicely into factions for a “Dune” themed skirmish game!)

Dalton’s idea for Stargate SG guys is fantastic, too – and as mentioned in that post, we really need a good source of 28mm ultra-modern weaponry in the spirit of P-90 bullpup style rifles, G-36s and the like, for those post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk themed builds.

Maybe Wargames Atlantic or other companies would be willing to sell boxes containing sprues of assorted weapon arms/hands and accessories – without bodies – for kitbashing projects, like maybe a post-apocalypse themed set, a Ray-Gun Gothic themed set, a futuristic set, a pulp/early 20th century set, A Victorian/Steampunk set, and so on? (I wonder whatever happened to the Wargames Factory molds for their Apocalypse Survivor kits? I’d also really love to see those brought back, they included a lot of cool modern weaponry and other bits for this sort of thing!)

Robert Worden - August 14, 2021

Looking good. I’m planing on kit bashing the spare weapons with the German W.W.I set, to make my own Death Korps Of Krieg unit.

Andrew - August 13, 2021

I just noticed that these guys might make some great Vietnam Era Americans. The helmets and field caps seem to fit quite well.

Ernesto Rodriguez - August 13, 2021

Make space amazons!

Serge - August 13, 2021

WGA thanks!
Just ordered my cannon-fodder guys.

Wargames Atlantic - August 11, 2021

Serge you just have to choose 3 Box deal in the pull down

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