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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Celebrating National American Indian Heritage Month!

Celebrating National American Indian Heritage Month!

November is National American Indian Heritage Month and we wanted to celebrate by announcing a new digital set that will be released soon! We've been hard at work on this one for awhile (it's "officially" part of our September Tribes release but we wanted to make sure we got it right before releasing it)

Have a look at the set - it should be available in a few days here and on our pages at MyMiniFactory

Would you like something like this in hard plastic? 

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alfonso jou - March 2, 2024

hola somos muchos los que no tenemos inpresora en casa seria un punto poder tenerlos en plastico

Mark beardsly - November 24, 2023

think alot of people would like to see these in plastic as the figures can be used to cover most north American plains tribes as well as comanche in texas and also inter tribal war as well as there wars and fights against the US cavalry and could build up large forces as well as small war parties carrying out raids etc and this period of gaming is starting to get very popular lately

John - November 10, 2023

I would love several sets in plastic.

Ben - November 8, 2023

Yeah, I’d like these in plastic, for sure!

Paul - November 7, 2023

I’d love these in plastic! The rifles may be a bit early but these would be great for Plains Indians in Dead Mans Hand, What a Cowboy or Fistful of Lead and Dead Mans Hand is being revamped and re-released next year. Although I think some of the expressions could be less exaggerated, otherwise they’re looking 10/10

Doug - November 5, 2023

Would absolutely love these in plastic!

Ionus Primus - November 5, 2023

No, despite the enthusiasm of the people here, they will never be a big seller like Napoleonics or WW2. So sell them as .stl’s, a better fit for a limited market.

Tyler Tinsley - November 5, 2023

Love the subject matter! If these are done for plastic I would want a slightly less exagurated yelling face option. maybe even go so far as to hire a consultant to work up some real authentic tribe options so we can build something as accurate to a time and place as a napoleonic army. If we can count buttons we should be able to count feathers.

Paul - November 5, 2023

Yes I would definitely like to see these produced in plastic, quickly followed by the US 7th Cavalry.

The Peter - November 5, 2023

Would buy at least 10 boxes. Just one issue though, the foot wear. They look like they are wearing leather boots not moccasins and maybe a few more bare chests.Not sure how common those chest pieces were.

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