Conquistador Models and Size Comparisons

Conquistador Models and Size Comparisons

Andreas Heneborn has sent in some new shots of the Conquistador models up close along with a comparison shot with some models he had.

From Left to Right: Footsore Roman Civilian, Wargames Atlantic Conquistador, Artizan WW2 German, Wargames Foundry Roman, Wargames Atlantic Conquistador, Warlord Games metal Viking

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Kris - August 13, 2021

Ok, so how much longer do we wait for these?

Felix Finster - July 1, 2021

Cannot wait to see these models for sale! I’ve been waiting for plastic conquistadors for far too long! Seeing how Lizardmen can take Cities of Sigmar allies in AoS 3.0, I’m also planning on using these as conquistador/ Lustrian mercenaries!

Y. Whateley - June 2, 2021

The more I think of it, the more I’d love to see some kits in this range for some Musketeers figures that could stand alongside these guys for wargaming in e.g. the English Civil, 30-Years War, and other conflicts of the 1600s – I’m not much into historical or alt-history wargaming, but I might enjoy that particular period (and these miniatures) enough to change my mind!

Y. Whateley - June 2, 2021

I’m with Axel – I don’t know history and uniforms very well, but to my untrained eye, these guys look like they can stand in for Italian, French, and Swiss armies from about the same period, and probably most other European armies from roughly the same era (for example, some of those head and body combinations are not far off from some Renaissance era English costumes I’ve seen) – as a tabletop army, it would be “close enough” for me!

These also remind me of your Halfling militia, actually – I don’t suppose WA’s sculptors, artists, and business could be persuaded to cast fantasy miniatures in a fantasy equivalent to the Renaissance era as a default? might be a risk, I don’t know how popular the decision would really be, but to me, it would be a nice change of pace from the Dark Ages/Feudal aesthetic of most “generic fantasy”, one that would look fantastic to me….

Axel - May 30, 2021

My compliments to the painter. He really dwells on the strength of these minis while remaining in a realistic mood.

It really irks me to see how these can be mixed and matched with the WG or Perry plastic sets or supplemented by the Steel Fist heads…

I see units of Spaniard colunellas for Pavia, of French aventuriers or Italian Romagnola hiding in these combinations…

For sales, comparison shots with the WG plastics and GW Empire troops would be ideal.

Shaun Gooch - May 29, 2021

I spyed incoming Franco Prussian War! Bavarians.

Surely, you guys could bring some love to the Crimean War!!!!

Here’s hoping!

Tho. My gut feeling is, that we will see every single conflict that France has, or ever will be, involved with, represented here. Even, if it was just three guys fighting over croissant and cheese!

Long before we see any significant number of British kits.

In fact, I would not be surprised to find out that the head of WA was named Jean Pierre.

And before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion. I am making a light hearted jibe.

I am a big fan of WA and what they are doing.


I own some French miniatures too. Namely, Foreign Legion ala Beau Geste era. I may stretch to French Crimean War miniatures too. Hint, hint!

Keep up the great work and … know the rest!

Trace - May 29, 2021

Any chance of getting some pictures of these fellows lined up against some GW Empire figures or some Grognards? It’d be really helpful for those of us interested in potentially using them alongside other kits.

JTam - May 29, 2021

These look amazing.

These and the Panzer Lehr are autobuys.

Any chance of a sprue of little skulls and really big hat feathers for you know, reasons?

Richard Bradley - May 29, 2021

Wonderful work! Those models look gorgeous, and I will be a very happy bunny when I can get some to paint myself!!!

Paul Evans - May 28, 2021

They look amazing. Really looking forward to getting some to fight against Aztecs and their lizard allies

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