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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Conquistadors and Aztecs Oh My!

Conquistadors and Aztecs Oh My!

The tooling for the Conquistador sprues AND the Aztec sprue has finished! We have some higher resolution photos of the Conquistador sprues A and B below. You will get 4 of each of these in the box. 

Conquistador Sprue A - Front

Conquistador Sprue A - Back

Conquistador Sprue B - Front

Conquistador Spure B - Back


We also have shots of the Aztec sprue straight from the factory floor (hence the quality or lack thereof!) But this will at least give you an idea of what's on this sprue. You'll get five of these in the box. 


There are no release dates for these yet but we expect them to be boxed and shipping out to you in January. Once we have the boxes sorted and plastic running we will put them up for pre-order. 

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Brigham Gorzealion - December 3, 2021

Wow these are exactly what I need for Cities of Sigmar army. was looking for human infantry with crossbows and halberds. Much appreciated the options.

Peter - December 3, 2021

These Look great.Pleased to see their enemy will be released at the same time. Other manufactures have left us waiting .

Axel - December 3, 2021

Looking good. A bit sad that only 24 com ein a box, but we will probably get two of the other sprues with 9 extraheads, shields and pikes for that, and there is always the chance to just buy another set :-)

Fashionwise these seem to fit well into the first half of the 16th century, mainly from 1520 to 1550, so well for the later half of the Italian wars, the defense of Vienna, the Schmalkadian war or the invasions of Tunis or Algier. Well, aside, of course, the misadventures of the conquistadores. I would much prefer more sets in that era, like late Swiss (for Marignano to Pavia), Stradiots, 16th century plastic Gensdarmes, Ottomans (Akinci, Azabs, Sipahi, Janissary,…) , Russians or Poles (search for Battle of Orsha), Knights of St. John for Rhodes or Malta, Sailors, Romagna Pikes, Maltese militia….
This era is pretty much uncovered in plastics.

On the other hand, do what sells. You seem to be on a pretty good way.

Bill Redford - December 3, 2021

@Y. Whateley , I agree with all that too. Though Mantic already has halflings with guns. I had posted some halfling gun conversions on the legion facebook site.

I planned on having Ogres in my conquistador army, and have 2 “imperial giants” from the Peculiar Companions line set aside for that army as well.

Musketeers would be a great addition in plastic. They make great RPG characters too.

Serge - December 3, 2021

Y. Whatele fully agree!

Y. Whateley - December 3, 2021

Great stuff!

For fantasy gamers, it occurs to me that the conquistador weapons and armor look pretty good alongside WA’s halfling militia and what we’ve seen so far of the landsknecht ogres, not to mention some of the gun options for the lizard men seem like a great fit alongside all of the above, and the conquistadors would make a fine fantasy human army, in a style refreshingly different from the medieval fantasy cliche!

The “Age of Discovery” seems to me to lend itself much better to fantasy world-building anyway: exploration, adventure, and conflict in strange “New Worlds” against a backdrop of Renaissance science and invention on one hand (see the wildly imaginative drawings of aircraft and war machines made by Leonado Da Vinci!), and inquisitions and witch-trials on the other, with an apocalyptic Hundred Years’ War and a devastating worldwide plague as centerpieces to the era, makes for some great fantasy world-building material.

Hopefully WA keeps making their fantasy figures in more or less similar styles (some halfling handgunners or goblin musketeers, perhaps?) Dwarves and Elves are wide open for something refreshingly different.

Hopefully we also see more historical figures from this period to go along with the conquistadors and Aztecs… Musketeers of the Guard/Cavaliers, Protestant Puritans/New Model Army, and Corsairs/Buccaneers seem like splendid follow-up historical sets for roughly the same era!

Kid Cthulhu - December 3, 2021

So psyched for these! I need these kits BAD!

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