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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Day 2: Horsies! And a New Range Too!

Day 2: Horsies! And a New Range Too!

We jump into Day 2 of Birthday Week with not only a new plastic set but a new range for us! Horses and the General Accoutrements range! 

General Accoutrements will be our catch-all range for the "other" stuff. Bases, accessories, plastic sets that can be used with multiple ranges or genres. Starting with "generic" horses: 

This set gives you 18 28mm hard plastic horses in each box. We've designed them to work for a variety of periods/genres with minimal tack and the option to use simple blankets. Take a look at the sprue and get yours here!

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Chad Underdonk - September 7, 2022

I wonder how do these size compared to the GW fantasy unbarded horses or if they are closer to the smaller napoleonic/historical mounts. I have lots of riders with no mount and would buy several boxes if these are very close in size. They certainly look close enough that they would be a good aesthetic fit.

Jon - April 17, 2022

I have some converted gas masked cavalry guys looking for horses to sit on. Anyone know if these horses would work with the Victoria Miniatures rough rider legs?

Benjamin MacConnell - March 25, 2022

I like that the head ends in the straps for the bridle, so the seam between head and neck is easier to hide. Good thinking.

While WA’s good friends at RGD Gaming already have this covered, one could make some decent Centaur kitbashes using these horses. Stick the desired upper body onto the neck, maybe hide the join with Green Stuff/Milliput or some additional parts. Could be useful for creating Centaurs of a more armored variety, if the wild kind aren’t to your purposes. (Not to mention the possibilities for Turnip28…)

@Red Bee
A regular horse could be made more cynernetic with the addition of a few items. Tubes of floral wire. Some tiny beads. Sheets of plasticard cut and textured into metal panels.

Pierre - March 24, 2022

The concept is excellent, as is the body of the horses. I would gladly take a hundred horses.

However, a rider cannot be satisfied with their strange ears. I have to play as Devil’s advocate (“l’avocat du diable”, in Witchcraft trials) :

“Members of the Jury, as I assume the sculpting will not be redone, the question of the Court is : how to straighten those ugly ears ?”

(… thunder and lightning at the courthouse window).

David Phillips - March 24, 2022


Stephen Sutton - March 24, 2022

In a world where everyone seems to be trying to make everything copyright-able, with a super specific marketing identity, it’s great to see there are still companies making models that are generic enough to fit into a lot of different settings.

Bevin - March 23, 2022

Would these horses be compatible with the spider rider legs and saddle from the Goblin kit?

Red Bee - March 23, 2022

Too bad they don’t come with cybernetic components to compete with the Spiders.

Say how long will the preorders be open? I’d like to nab a few of the new items all are once, so I wanted to wait till Friday before making my order. Would that mess anything up?

Luke Lorenson - March 22, 2022

I wonder what sort of things beyond horses could be general across ranges?

Pouches? Banners? Haversacks?

Jim - March 22, 2022

These are great! Now we need riding legs and appropriate arms for the Grognards!!

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