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Day 4 - Goths!

Day 4 - Goths!

Day 4 of our birthday week brings us to the fearsome Goths! This 30 figure set can be used as enemies or allies of Rome and can also work as many of the Germanic tribes of the period and even into the later Dark Ages. 

This is just the tip of the spear for the Goths with several more sets on the way to build out our Decline and Fall range. Get yours here

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Don Williams - May 12, 2022

These are really ideal for virtually any light troops in the Late Ancient and Dark Ages periods. I am especially pleased to see that you will provide options for (a) slingers, (b) javelins, and © bows for each figure on the sprue. For those of us building warbands for Saga, all three types of units are needed to fit various nations in the Age of Invasions and Age of Vikings series. Interchanging these parts with your Irish Warriors box expands the possibilities as well (I have already built 3 boxes, but looks like I’ll need another). While I don’t like to knock a competitor, this box is a real contrast with the recent Gripping Beast plastic releases (Irish, Welsh, Picts), none of which provide all three options and have (in my opinion) inferior poses. Well done WA! You are setting the industry standard.

Axel - March 27, 2022

With tunic and trousers the bodies are a kind of universal warrior for middle to northern Europe from ancient to early medieval times. Just use different heads and weapons and these will form a staple of gaming from -200 to around 1000. Nice set, on my list!

Y. Whateley - March 27, 2022

Looks great – I’ll be sure to grab a couple boxes! These guys will make fantastic Dark Ages warriors from pretty much anywhere in Europe, not to mention generic fantasy warriors and civilians – for fantasy purposes, they’ll serve equally well for humans, elves, and even Tolkien-style goblin-men (just add spare Wargames Atlantic goblin heads!)

If Wargames Atlantic doesn’t already have plans for elves, then they should really do an “accessory sprue” of heads and other bits suitable for converting this kit to elves. (It would definitely NOT be illogical to use the elf heads for Vulcan or Romulan style generic sci-fi armies!)

I agree completely with Red Bee: The human heads are fantastic – a nice variety of timeless bearded heads with plenty of spares that would mix well with the Dark Age Irish, the Afghans, the Persians, or even the French Resistance or other “modern” kits to add variety. Along with the great all-purpose costumes and gear, like the Persians and Irish, this is another great “generic” warrior kit to stock a bitz bin with, or to build any of an almost endless variety of fantasy or historical armies from!

@Benjamin – you’re not mistaken: there’s something missing, but I don’t think it’s anything exciting: by the looks of things, it looks like it’s just one of the sword-in-scabbard, identical to the two next to the missing bit.

Red Bee - March 26, 2022

Those are some nice looking head sculpts

Benjamin MacConnell - March 25, 2022

I think the sprues in the pictures are missing a part in one of the corners. Like, there are supports indicating something goes there, but it was removed from the sprue before the photos/scans were taken. Is that intentional, or was this a mistake? Or am I mistaken?

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